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4 Self Storage Tips From the A-1 Self Storage Call Center

Coleton Smartt | August 14, 2015 @ 12:57 PM

Coleton Smartt acts as a marketing intern for A-1 Self Storage. A-1 Self Storage is one of California's oldest and most respected self storage companies with over 48 convenient locations to serve all of your personal and business storage needs. The experts in the call center are asked many questions about self storage every day. We thought we would share the most popular questions asked by customers shopping for a storage unit.
Photo Courtesy of flickr user plantronicsgermany. Copyright under creative commons.
Elevator Access Units: Won’t it be hard for me to get my stuff moved in? No, our elevators are large (hospital sized) and are able to accommodate large items that can be hauled on the flatbed carts we provide. Select locations even offer drive up elevator access that allows you to pull your car up to the elevator, unload your items onto a cart, and take the elevator up to your unit. Aside from still being convenient, elevator access units are a great way to save money. Climate Control: Do I need it? Climate control units are usually necessary for pharmaceuticals, film, antiques, pianos, or old paintings. Everyday goods don’t necessarily need climate control, however, they are your items so the final decision is up to you. Our facilities do have vents throughout the hallways that help circulate air and keep the temperature down. If you would like a cooler unit, try and request a ground level storage unit, as those are usually the coolest. Ground Level Access vs. Drive up Access: Which one is best for me? A ground level storage unit is on the first floor inside the building, whereas a unit with drive up access is located on the exterior of the building. Since storage units with drive up access are the most convenient they tend to be more expensive. Ground level units are still convenient as well, given that we provide flatbed carts to transfer your items. It simply comes down to price; if you would like to save a little money then go with a ground level unit, if convenience is most important then go with a drive up access unit. Storing a Mattress: Can my mattress fit in a 5x5 unit? When storing a Full size mattress or larger we recommend a 5x7 to a 5x10 unit depending on the size of the mattress. You might be able to somehow squeeze a queen size mattress into a 5x5 storage unit, but there is a high possibly it will be damaged. It is best to get a large enough unit to allow the mattress to be stored flat to ensure that it keeps its shape.

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