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3 Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Self-Storage Unit Year Round

storelocal | March 30, 2016 @ 5:57 PM

These days, you can rent a spacious, attractive and secure self-storage unit online with a few clicks. Some of the best units brought to you by reputable providers of storage units manage to address most tenants’ demands in terms of square footage, cleanliness, security, and cost efficiency. Even if you are pleased with the space that you’re currently renting to keep your property clean and clutter free, here are three tips that you may want to apply to add a personal touch to your unit and tap into its true potential.

1. Add Extra Features to Create an Additional Layer of Protection for the Contents of Your Storage Unit

Providers of modern storage units often go the extra mile to keep their tenants happy by offering them the perfect combination of features and amenities. This may include a complete package of security solutions, climate control, and complimentary services, such as package delivery and acceptance, internet access, faxing and copying, and so on. Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to focus on ways in which you could personalize and perfect your unit on your own, to create a superior level of protection for your stored goods. For instance, by wrapping your contents you could keep them sealed tight and avoid potential problems caused by dust accumulations. Moreover, by placing your boxes on pallets you could keep your containers off the floor at all times and prevent various risk factors (like melting snow that could come under your door at some point). Use the right furniture pieces and organizing solutions tailored to your space to maximize the potential of your unit and protect your valuables around the clock.

2. Turn Your Unit into a Practical, Multifunctional Indoor Space

Also, keep in mind the fact that you could offset the costs that you may incur as a tenant by simply making your space serve new purposes. For example, you could turn a part of your spacious 10’x10’ unit into an airy, comfortable office, by adding a desk, a couple of chairs, a few cabinets, and basic office equipment. Or better yet, using a system of in-room storage solutions, you could convert your unit into a small warehouse where you could stash your inventory, paperwork, or supplies. The possibilities are endless; you just have to figure out how you could configure the extra space put at your disposal to simplify and improve your daily operations.

3. Invest in a Unit Offering You the Best Mix of Features and Amenities

If you can afford to spend a little bit more on the extra space that you wish to use to de-clutter and reorganize your property, go for a feature-rich unit in your price range. Targeting units with modern additional features, such as climate control, is always a good idea, especially when dealing with delicate, rare, or extremely valuable contents requiring special storage conditions. For a range of popular, versatile, and affordable self-storage units, check out the selection at US Storage Centers. There’s sure to be an exact unit to fit your needs.

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