10 Ways to Organize Your RV Kitchen

Jon Fesmire | January 27, 2020 @ 9:46 AM

Heading on an RV trip? To save money, you’ll want to cook most meals in your vehicle’s kitchen. If you’re new to RVing, however, it can be tough to figure out how to organize this small area.

The main considerations are available space, the weight of items, and keeping things still while driving. Here are 10 tips to help you organize your RV kitchen:

Buy Separate Sets of Kitchenware for the RV

You may be tempted to simply bring along a bunch of your home kitchen supplies, but resist. Instead, have a completely separate set of kitchenware for your RV made up of items designed for RV living.

Lightweight Dishes

Go for a set of dishes that is lightweight and made of sturdy plastic. Choose items that won’t break in the cupboards, and will last a long time. Plastic dishes are inexpensive, so they’ll be easy to replace should any get damaged.

Nestable Pots and Pans

As space is limited in an RV kitchen, you’ll want a set of cookware that doesn’t take up a lot of extra room. Look for a set of nesting pots and pans. These are designed to stack well inside each other.

Collapsible Colanders

While we’re on the topic of space-saving containers, we don’t want to forget collapsible colanders. Regular colanders can come in odd shapes or just be large and hard to fit with everything else, especially in an RV. The collapsible version solves this problem and is easy to store with your cookware.

Plastic Bins

While RV cabinet doors are designed to stay shut while you’re traveling, things can still shift around inside. If this happens with your dishes, cookware, or cleaning supplies, get some plastic bins that fit in the appropriate spaces. You may want to get a few for each space to keep things like plates and cups separate. Under the sink, a good plastic bin or two will keep your cleaning agents and tools from shifting around and even spilling.

Magazine Holders

Need some extra room just inside or outside cabinet doors? Consider attaching magazine holders. Depending on the size, these can be great for storing canned food, cutting boards, waxed paper, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. You may discover other kitchen items that fit well there.

Small Plastic Bins

Use smaller plastic bins to hold your silverware. Got extra ketchup or mayonnaise packets? What about taco seasoning or other packet food? You can store those in small plastic bins as well.

Short Curtain Rod with Shower Hooks

Curtain rods with shower hooks are surprisingly versatile. Yes, we use them to hold up our shower curtains, but they can also be used in closets to hang various things like purses, or between upper kitchen cabinets, such as over the sink, to hang cooking tools. Use one in your RV kitchen to hang cooking spoons, spatulas, towels, oven mitts, measuring cups and more. Pack these away in a plastic bin while you’re driving so they don’t jingle around.

Self-Adhesive Hooks

There are many self-adhesive hooks on the market that you can attach just about anywhere in a kitchen. You can use these instead of the curtain rod, or in addition to it. Put these up in rows on the front or side of cabinets, and hang your oven mitts, towels, and so on from them.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Make it easy to grab your spices, and save room in your upper cabinets, by putting up a magnetic spice rack. These often come with their own magnetic spice containers.

Whether you go on isolated RV trips or live and work full time out of your RV, having a well-organized kitchen, designed for RV life, will make live a lot easier. Enjoy your travels!

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