10 Ways to Create Space in a Tiny Bathroom

Krista Diamond | February 2, 2017 @ 10:00 AM

We’ve all seen the version of the perfect bathroom that interior design magazines show us. The images of marble finishing, stone tiling and pristine soaking tubs surrounded by candles that leave you wondering just who the owners of these bathrooms actually are. If your bathroom’s current aesthetic is more claustrophobia personified than endless tranquility, you might think that clutter is always going to get in the way of creating a beautiful space. Think again! Here are 10 ways to turn even the tiniest bathroom into one of the loveliest rooms in your home.

1. Look in the Mirror

Mirrors are one of the tried and true methods of making a space look bigger. Add one to the back of a door or a blank wall and watch your bathroom grow right before your eyes.

2. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a...Shelf?

Tiny bathrooms almost never have enough space for all of your stuff, so guess what ends up happening? All of your styling products, shaving supplies, makeup and miscellaneous junk ends up all over the place, making your bathroom look even smaller. Create storage that hovers above you by installing floating shelves.

3. Size Down

That bulky vanity in your bathroom isn’t doing you any favors. Assuming that you have enough storage space (and there are plenty of tips here to help you accomplish that), replace it with something that doesn’t monopolize space in the bathroom, like a sleek pedestal sink. Très chic!

4. Be a Basket Case

This is arguably the cheapest, easiest and most important thing you can do to create space in your small bathroom. Buy cute, decorative storage baskets (available in a ton of different sizes and materials) and use them to wrangle all of the items that would otherwise end up scattered around your sink.

5. Show Yourself the Door

Another great storage solution that you should be using is the back of your bathroom door. You can use over the door storage to keep extra towels and bulky but oft-used appliances like your hair dryer readily available.

6. Rethink Existing Space

Utilize valuable real estate by using drawer organizers in drawers and pull out cabinet baskets underneath the sink. You can also make good use of the often forgotten space on the back of a cabinet door by picking up this nifty little mini over the door styling caddy. Admit it, you’d love to live in a world where you know exactly what’s in your bathroom vanity.

7. Lighten Up

Natural sunlight and light colors always make a space look bigger. That’s why that fancy hotel room you stayed in had floor-to-ceiling windows. Open up those curtains, install overhead fixtures and paint your walls white (or some other light color) and your tiny bathroom will look bright, airy and spacious.

8. Raise the Bar

Here’s a simple hack that tons of interior designers have been using for years: Hang your shower curtain higher. Place the curtain rod closer to the ceiling and your shower curtain will give the illusion of much higher ceilings. Seriously, go try this right now and prepare to be amazed at the difference it makes.

9. Do Double-Duty

With the exception of a plant or a candle, try to only decorate with items that are also functional. See: This wooden plaque with mason jars that could be used to store q-tips, cotton balls or makeup brushes. A visually appealing soap dispenser, antique jars or even thoughtfully chosen towels are other examples of decorations that are just as utilitarian as they are pretty.

10. Don’t Cut Corners

Ah, corners. The most under-appreciated part of every room. When it comes to creating space in a bathroom, corners are your best friend. Look for shelving that’s designed to fit snugly into an unused corner. Bonus: If you’re handy, you can create space—and a major conversation starter—by installing a corner toilet or corner sink. What are your favorite tips for turning a cramped bathroom into a palatial spa? Let us know in the comments!

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