10 Most Useful Self Storage Supplies

Jon Fesmire | June 3, 2019 @ 9:57 AM

Planning on moving a bunch of things into a storage unit? You’ll need certain supplies, many of which you can purchase at your self storage facility. This list will have you packing and storing like an expert.

Cardboard Boxes

There are a variety of cardboard boxes designed for storage. Smaller storage boxes are best for heavy items, as they’re more durable, while larger boxes are great for clothes and bedding. There are also boxes meant for specific types of items, such as drinking glasses or dress clothes.

Plastic Bins

Plastic storage bins can also work well. They’re more expensive than cardboard boxes, but have some advantages. They stack well, and are designed to create sturdy columns. Many close air-tight, so as long as you make sure everything inside is dry, they make a safe environment for a variety of items.

Packing Tape

Most cardboard storage boxes should be sealed with packing tape. Get a packing tape gun with heavy-duty tape. This way, when you tape the bottom of the box to keep it closed, the tape will hold better. The packing gun makes it easier to place the tape and make it tight.

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap can help protect delicate items like mugs, glasses, vases, and more. Instead of using it to fill a box, wrap a couple of layers around each delicate item, and then tape it in place. This will give the item a bit of cushion when placed in a box, so that it should be protected from cracks and breakage and a normal amount of jostling around.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is best for filling space between boxed items.

When you have those fragile items protected with bubble wrap, you can then use packing paper to fill in the spaces between them. Crumple up two sheets and place them in the bottom of the box, then start putting in your items, and add additional, crumpled paper between them.

Hand Truck

When you need to move four or five boxes at once, or a dresser, stove, or other heavy items, a hand truck makes this much easier. When you get to your self storage unit, chances are there will be a dolly or hand truck nearby that you can use. You may want one at home as well for when you need to move boxes to or from your vehicle. For especially heavy items, consider also using moving straps.

Furniture Pads and Moving Blankets

Whether you need to scoot a heavy object in a moving truck, or cover a desk in storage, so you can place a few boxes on top of it, furniture pads, also called moving blankets, are a useful asset. They both make moving heavy items easier and protect the exterior of furniture and appliances while in transit or in storage.

Permanent Markers

You’ll need a few black permanent markers to label your boxes. When you retrieve your boxes, you’ll want a general idea of what’s in each. That way, you’ll know what room they go in, and this will make unpacking easier.

Pen and paper

Go a step further than just labeling your boxes and keep a full inventory of what’s in each. That way, if you need one particular item from your unit, it’s easy to find out what box it’s in and go grab it quickly. To do this, you’ll just start with a pen and a pad of paper. On each sheet, write the box label at the top, and jot down each item as you fill the box.


You’ll be required to lock your unit, and you may need to provide your own lock. Facilities generally sell the best locks right on site and can advise you. Depending on the type of unit, you’ll want to use a disc lock or a cylinder lock.

That should do it! These supplies will help you keep your items safe during packing, transport, and while in storage.

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