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Krista Diamond | March 21, 2016 @ 5:59 PM

It’s easy to assume that the only military related activity in the Nevada desert involves little green men and top secret bases that may or may not be harboring alien lifeforms. However, if you’re a military member in Las Vegas, you’re not fooled by the Area 51 themed bars, restaurants, fireworks stores and brothels (yes, brothels). You know that Las Vegas is actually home to a lot of military men and women, and if you’re one of those men and women, you’re likely going to need somewhere to store your stuff while you call Sin City your home base.

Storage Near Creech Air Force Base

Way out on US-95 lies Creech Air Force Base. Yes, technically Creech is in Indian Springs, but less than 1,000 people call the town home, and most of them aren’t actually military. Most of the 3,000 people working at Creech prefer to live in Las Vegas, especially the northwestern part of the city which allows for an easy commute thanks to a round-trip shuttle system. Storage facilities follow a similar pattern. You’ll be hard pressed to find a storage unit in Indian Springs or along US-95 heading towards Creech, but luckily, there are plenty of options in northwestern Las Vegas. As it makes more sense to store your items closer to home than it does to work, this works to your advantage. A facility like Storage West Self Storage is a great option whether you’re living in Las Vegas or at Indian Springs. It’s in the northwest part of the city right off of US-95 and just 30 miles from the base. Another great option is A-Able Self Storage which is just 36 miles from the base. The wealth of storage options in this area and in the Las Vegas Valley as a whole mean plenty of space for all 3,000 people working at the base and everyone else in the community too. Remember, even if you do choose to live at Indian Springs, you’ll find that most homes are typically just big enough for small families, so self storage might still be something you want to keep in mind, even if it means renting a unit in Las Vegas. Pair the occasional visit to your storage unit with a fun Las Vegas activity and the commute will give you something to look forward to.

Storage Near Nellis Air Force Base

Besides being somewhat closer to civilization, the main difference between Nellis Air Force Base and Creech is the focus on training that takes place at Nellis. Working at either base, you’ll learn about how closely the two work together but also how different their operations can be. If you’re stationed at Nellis, your storage needs will be largely determined by your housing decision. If you’re in training, you’ll be living in one one of 12 dormitory style buildings where furnishings are sparse and rules for what you can have with you are pretty strict. If you know you’re going to be sticking around Las Vegas after training and will be transitioning into an apartment or house, opt for storage instead of selling your stuff for less than what it’s worth. You’ll save money. If you’re not required to live in the barracks, you’ll have the option of housing through Hunt Military Communities. One close storage option to this neighborhood is Great Value Storage. Even if you don’t need storage during your time at Hunt Military Communities, you might want to utilize it if you have to live in temporary housing while you wait for your home to become available. Temporary housing is available if a month’s notice is given and rooms are typically just big enough for families, but not much else. We suggest making this situation a little more comfortable by grabbing a storage unit, even if it’s just for a month. Luckily, month-to-month leases make this possible.

Storing Weapons

There are some pretty awesome shooting ranges in and around Las Vegas. If you’re new to the area and you’ve never experienced the great desert shooting ranges, you’re in for a treat. Clark County has some pretty relaxed gun laws. In fact, only the incorporated city of North Las Vegas prohibits transporting loaded guns by car (something to keep in mind since you’ll probably be passing through this area if you work at Nellis or Creech). As a military member, you already know to be on your best behavior when it comes to abiding by gun laws. When it comes to storing firearms, always make sure to ask your storage facility manager what his or her rules are. The facility manager will also be a great resource for helping you understand the effect that the Mojave Desert heat has on weapons and other valuable items.

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