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Greensboro, NC: Top Things to Know About Storage

Your Need for Climate Control Has More to Do with Your Career Than the Weather

Greensboro is a classic four season city, which means hot summers and cold winters. If you tend to stay in town most of the time and you’re using a storage unit like you’d use an extra closet in your apartment, this

Your Need for Climate Control Has More to Do with Your Career Than the Weather

Greensboro is a classic four season city, which means hot summers and cold winters. If you tend to stay in town most of the time and you’re using a storage unit like you’d use an extra closet in your apartment, this isn’t really going to affect you. Temperatures in Greensboro can get below freezing in the winter and can soar into the upper 80’s in the summer. So which population of storage users actually cares about Greensboro’s climate? The large presence of pharmaceutical sales representatives, for one. Medical research is huge in Greensboro, and so is the job market for anyone who happens to be really good at convincing doctors to choose one pill over another. Pharmaceutical representatives are by nature a transient bunch who spend time on the road and need a place to store extra samples and supplies. If you’ve ever read the label of a prescription, you know the importance of keeping medicine away from moisture, drastic temperatures and too much light. Climate controlled units make this possible on a much larger scale.

A Lot of College Kids Means a Lot of Storage Needs

From the University of North Carolina at Greensboro to Guilford College, there’s an annual surge of university students that makes the town swell each fall and shrink each spring. You can count on storage availability to reflect this pattern. According to AAA Self Storage, once students start to move out of dorms and campus apartments (as early as April and as late as June), storage units start to fill up. Not all storage facilities raise rates to reflect demand, but you should be wary of companies that advertise specials for college students that sound too good to be true, as often times these are just low rates that increase quickly or come with hidden fees.

Most Military Members Opt for Storage in Fayetteville

There are several military bases within 88 miles of Greensboro. If you happen to be a veteran, in the reserves or an ROTC university student, it makes sense to use storage locally, but if you find yourself relocated to Fort Bragg or suddenly spending a lot of time there, you might want to consider switching your stuff over to the significantly closer town of Fayetteville, where facilities like Legion Self Storage are more familiar with the special needs of military members because they deal with them on a regular basis. Legion Self Storage is just 15 minutes from Fort Bragg (that’s a big difference when compared to the hour and half trek to Greensboro), plus you don’t have to compete with college students over storage space.

Can't Get There? Mail It!

Southern Wine and Spirits is the largest wine and spirits distributor in the world, and they count on storage facilities like AAA Self Storage receiving deliveries when their representatives can’t bring products to their storage units in person. Whether you’re a college student who can’t access your unit at all while you’re home for the summer in another state or just some super cool jet setting employee of a company that needs space for all its swag, don’t think that your world traveling style is going to get in the way of having a place to put all of those souvenirs. Be like the aforementioned large distributor of everyone’s favorite liquid that isn’t water; opt for a facility that accepts deliveries.

You're Going to Want to Buy New Furniture at the High Point Market

If you’re familiar with the “Tournament Town” nickname, then you probably already know that Greensboro is a hub for NCAA championship games, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, ice skating championships and all kinds of other sporting events. But in the nearby town of High Point, there’s a little event that just might as well be the grand championship of furniture. It’s called the High Point Market, it happens every six months and it’s the largest furniture industry trade show in the world. More than 75,000 people attend. Greensboro storage facilities are affected by this due to the large number of locals who do some serious spring cleaning (and put the results in storage) in order to rent out their homes to people who come from all over the country and all over the world to check out 180 buildings full of furniture. The High Point Market claims that if they don’t have it, it doesn’t exist, so even if your landlord isn’t down with you renting out your place to some random, you should keep it in mind when looking to upgrade your couch. You can always store the old one until you find it a new home.

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Storage FAQ's

  • If I lose my key, can you provide another one?

    No, storage facility employees do not have copies of the keys used for the units. If you lose your key, check with the facility for lock cutting fees. They may also be able to sell another lock and key to you.

  • Do you sell boxes and moving supplies?

    Yes, most storage facilities sell boxes of various sizes, tape, bubble wrap, labels, and other items for your packing and moving needs.

  • Do I need insurance for my storage unit?

    We recommend that you get insurance for your belongings because the contents of the units are not insured through storage facilities.

  • What access will I have to my belongings?

    You have 60 facilities to choose from in Greensboro. Access hours range from 8 to 24 hours a day. Please contact your local facility for more specific information about your unit.

  • Do you have advice on how to pack my storage space?

    Yes, storage managers can provide you with tips and techniques on how to most efficiently utilize your storage space. Their hope is that you can have easy access to your items and that your storage space is worth every penny of your money.

  • Is there anything unique to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in Greensboro?

    Some factors to keep in mind when choosing a storage facility in Greensboro are: weather, peak rush hour times, items that you will be storing, and location within Greensboro.

  • Will I receive a monthly invoice?

    Most storage companies in Greensboro only provide invoices upon request.

  • What options do I have for payments? What forms of payment do you accept?

    Most storage facilities accept cash, credit cards, or checks. Always ask about autopay, it's faster and much more convenient.

  • How long is the lease and what are its terms?

    Storage companies in Greensboro offer a month-to-month lease. If for some reason you would like to cancel your lease during a particular month, please contact one of the facility managers to assist you.

  • What are the prices of the storage spaces? Are prices based on the square footage of the storage space?

    Generally the prices of storage units in Greensboro vary based on the size of the storage unit and the location of the unit in the facility. Prices range between 32.0 and 95.0, but representatives can better assist you once they have the details of your storage needs.

  • What storage space sizes are available?

    In Greensboro, there are 60 storage facilities, with a total of 53 storage units. Storage unit sizes generally range from 5' X 5' to 10' X 30'. Call one of your local facilities to have a representative find what size unit is best for you.

  • What security measures are taken to protect the storage units?

    Security is every storage operator's priority. Speak with the storage manager of a facility of your liking in Greensboro to find out what security measures they take to protect your belongings.

  • Do you have different policies and prices for students or active military members?

    Students and active military members are clients that have unique needs because of the nature of their schedules. Most storage facilities in Greensboro offer discounts to students, and discounts and different policies for active military members. Please call your local facility or see our students and active military members pages to get detailed and updated information.

  • Do you accept deliveries for customers?

    Most storage facilities in Greensboro accept deliveries for their customers so that they don't have to go through the process of moving every time they need something to be placed in their storage units. They will keep your items in the office and will inform you when they arrive so that you can place them in your storage unit at your convenience.

  • Will the company have access to my space?

    No, no one in the storage facilities has access to your space unless you specifically ask them or give them the right to do so. For example, you may want them to have access to your unit for things you may want delivered directly to your unit.

  • Can I rent climate-controlled spaces in Greensboro?

    Yes, climate-controlled spaces are available in Greensboro due to the varying weather. Temperatures range from 30.2 to 35.6, which can dramatically affect things in your storage unit. For storing items such as wine, wooden items, electronics, metals, artwork, etc. storage facilities recommend that you rent a climate-controlled unit. For questions and more details, please contact a local facility.

  • Do you have pest control?

    Most facilities in Greensboro schedule professional pest control services every month, and twice a month during summer months.

  • What if I need more or less space after I move in?

    Once you move in and feel that you need to move into a smaller or bigger space, storage facilities are happy to accommodate your move. Before renting a space, it is recommended that you speak to a storage facility representative to help you find the best sized unit for your needs. If things change through the course of your lease, they will help make the transition to your next unit as efficient and simple as possible. We also have a size guide that may answer some preliminary questions you may have.

  • Do you provide your customers with movers?

    No, storage facilities do not provide movers. However, managers and team members would be happy to provide you with a list of reliable and reasonably priced movers in Greensboro. See our resource guide for movers in Greensboro.

  • Should I rent a drive-up or interior storage unit?

    Drive-up storage units are typically more expensive and not as clean as interior units. Drive-up units are more exposed to the elements (water, dust, etc.) and are therefore not as clean as interior units. Interior units, on the other hand, have a much better climate. Essentially, the desire to rent a drive-up unit comes from clients thinking that they will be visiting their unit very frequently, which is surprisingly not the case. Most people don't come to their units as often as they think they will, so given the cost and cleanliness issues, it's better to rent an interior storage unit.

  • How do I know what size storage I need?

    Storage managers would be happy to help you determine which size unit is best for you so that you're not paying for a 10' X 30' unit when you really need a 5' X 5' unit. Please reference our size guide for more information.

Greensboro, NC University StorageViewHide

Greensboro, NC University Storage

Did the end of your lease sneak up on you and now you’ve got an apartment’s worth of stuff and nowhere to put it? Did you invest all of your savings in pizza and beer and now you’re not sure you can even afford a storage unit? Did you somehow accumulate a disturbing amount of those free t-shirts they’re always giving out at campus events? Don’t panic; we’ve got your back. Here are some things to consider as you figure out your student storage needs in Greensboro:

Living in the Dorms Doesn’t Mean Leaving Everything Behind

At The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, the 17,000 students that make up the campus have 17 on campus housing options. Don’t worry, not all 17,000 of them are being crammed into 17 buildings; only 33% actually live on campus. This means that storage facilities are spread across the city, so if you’re opting for an off-campus apartment, you should choose where your unit is based on what neighborhood you live in rather than just searching for space that’s aimed at students. If you’d prefer the dorm experience, remember that living in a space the size of a storage unit might make you want to rent one. Make sure you get in touch with your roommate before you move in together so that you can get an idea of how much precious dorm room real estate they’re looking to take up. If you’re both from out of state or you both have massive shoe collections that you absolutely must bring with you to Greensboro, consider going in on a storage unit together. Determine which items belong in your closet and which belong in your storage unit and pack accordingly.

You Might Need a Storage Unit While You Study Abroad

You love your friends, but you can’t count on them to take care of your belongings during your semester long stay outside of the country (or you can, but you might suffer the beer-soaked, heavily damaged consequences). Even if you’re not so keen on leaving the US, you might want to take advantage of an internship at some point, and that internship might require you to live away from Greensboro for the semester. Unless you want to pay rent for a room in an apartment that you won’t be staying in, we recommend subletting your spot and getting a storage unit instead. It’s much, much cheaper, and if you happen to live in a house that’s prone to social gatherings, you won’t have to worry about your stuff getting messed with. And with more than a dozen facilities that offer online bill pay, you can manage your payments from all over the world.

Your Major or Favorite Student Organization Might Come with Extra Stuff

You already know that college is the time to find yourself, but have you ever thought of what that might specifically mean for you? Maybe you’ll develop a passion for lacrosse, painting or rock climbing. Whatever college you attend in Greensboro, and whatever you get involved in, you shouldn’t be limited by your space. You might find that you want a unit for all of that sports gear during the off-season. Think of your storage unit as a locker. It doesn’t have to be huge. It can actually just be big enough to fit a few extra supplies for that class you’re taking or that club you’ve recently joined. If you’re worried about compromising the quality of something special like a first edition novel or a bottle of wine you got while studying in France, consider specialty self storage.

Summer in Greensboro Means Climate-Controlled Units

If heading home for summer break means somewhere besides Greensboro, you may consider storing your things rather than bringing them back and forth. Keep in mind that summer temperatures in Greensboro can reach the upper 80’s. Factor in that classic southern humidity and things can feel pretty toasty (and pretty sticky). So what does that mean for your storage unit? Well, it depends on what you’re storing. If you’re stowing away a bunch of furniture, you’ll want to take special precautions with leather items which can be adversely affected by the heat. If you’re storing any kind of special projects like canvases with paint, you’ll want to factor in the humidity. Things like clothing and textbooks should be fine. That trusty bike that gets you around campus should be okay too. Storing a computer or some other electronics? You definitely don’t want to take any chances. Luckily, there are 15 storage facilities in Greensboro that offer climate-controlled units, so you can enjoy your summer break without sweating the status of your stuff.

Greensboro, NC Military StorageViewHide

Greensboro, NC Military Storage

As we’re sure you know, military men and women find themselves relocated to various bases for training, pre-deployment, post-deployment and long term stays. Sometimes you’ve got your whole family with you in privatized housing, and other times you’re bunking in barracks. We don’t know about you, but we think your storage facility should be just as flexible and accommodating as you’re required to be. Here’s what you need to know if you’re in the military and you’re in search of storage in Greensboro.

How Your Particular Base Affects Your Storage Needs

There are 66 storage facilities in Greensboro. That’s about 36,300 units. Now let’s put that into the perspective of how many military members are in the area. Fort Bragg is an army base that’s so big it’s pretty much its own city. There are 52,280 active duty soldiers on base along with 12,624 reservists, 8,757 civilian employees and 3, 516 other contracted employees. Add in the whopping 62,962 family members of all those active duty men and women and you’ve got one big military installation. Pope Army Airfield is home to 2,500 military members which includes active duty, reservists and civilians as well as 4,235 family members. And don’t forget about Camp Mackall, which sees a steady (but changing) population of recruits training to be US Army Special Forces soldiers. Overall, we’re looking at an estimated 150,000 people. Of course, when it comes to military families, it’s safe to assume that one storage unit per family should suffice and even then, the large floor plans offered through Corvias Military Housing's privatized housing will allow many families to get by without renting a storage unit at all (hey, some people travel light). And of course, there are plenty of Camp Mackall recruits who will show up with everything they own conveniently packed in a duffle bag. This means that while you’re not going to be competing with 150,000 other people for 36,000 storage units, you might find that availability can often be limited. Our advice is to reserve your storage unit as soon as possible if you’ve got your heart set on Greensboro. If not, check availability in other towns like nearby Fayetteville. And if you’re headed to one of the bases on your own, consider going in on a unit with another military member. You might just find that your bunkmate is looking for a little extra room too.

Cost of Units in Greensboro

In the Greensboro area, demand can sometimes overwhelm supply. 50% of military members who rent storage units nationwide cite not having enough room in their residence (i.e. military housing or barracks) as the reason for renting and 20% rent storage units because they’re temporarily away from their permanent residences. In addition to being a military friendly city, Greensboro is also a big college city. If you happen to be looking to rent when classes are in session, you might find yourself scrambling to find a spot or potentially paying more. But before you start thinking that you can’t afford a storage unit, remember that most facilities, like AAA Self Storage (which has five locations in Greensboro) offer military discounts. Just remember to keep your ID with you.

If You’re Deployed

Here’s a scenario: You’re a reservist with a storage unit in the Greensboro area and you’re suddenly called to serve. While you’re overseas, you miss a few storage unit rental payments. If you happen to spend all of your time reading up on North Carolina lien laws, then you probably know that they basically allow facility managers to auction off the contents of a storage unit if rent goes unpaid for a period of time. Renters are warned about this and are offered a hearing to contest it. For you, there’s the added component of military rules. The military doesn’t like to see soldiers defaulting on payments with anything. Soldiers often see docked paychecks in addition to other punishments over failure to pay rent on apartments, and yes, storage units too. We know what you’re thinking. How are you supposed to deal with all of this if you’re fighting overseas? Fortunately, there’s a thing called the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act which prevents military members who rent storage units from being treated unfairly. If you’re a military member in North Carolina who’s renting a storage unit and you default on a payment as a result of this, you actually shouldn’t be punished. Take for instance the soldier from Fort Bragg who fought and won a settlement from a storage facility that unjustly auctioned off his property.

Storing Guns

Some storage facilities allow you to store guns and ammo (but they definitely don’t all allow it, so ask first). Keep in mind that if you do this during the hot Greensboro summer season, you’re going to want to make sure you get a climate controlled unit. For most military members, keeping a personal weapon on base shouldn’t be a problem so long as you register it and follow the rules. At Fort Bragg for instance, you can have a personal weapon as long as you store it in the unit arms room or a secured container or gun rack in privatized housing. You must never, ever store your gun in a the barracks, a vehicle, an office or in transient quarters. Many military members also contact Greensboro gun stores about storing weapons there. Whatever route you go, remember to ask questions, understand your options and of course, choose what’s best for you.

Greensboro, NC RV and Boat StorageViewHide

Greensboro, NC RV and Boat Storage

If you’re a Greensboro local, renting a storage unit is a great way to deal with restrictive city ordinances and HOA rules that can make parking your RV or boat in front of your property impossible (we feel your pain). It’s also a great way to live in a parking garage dominated urban environment without having to sacrifice your beloved big rig. There are 91 storage facilities in town, 14 of which offer RV and boat storage. How do you even begin to choose? Read our tips on RV and boat storage in Greensboro and let us point you in the right direction.

Consider 24 Hour Access

We’re not going to lie to you: 200 miles to get to the mountains or the beach is going to feel like a long drive sometimes (it takes at least three hours). You know what really puts a damper on the perfect day on your boat? Having to leave way earlier than planned because you can’t get into your storage facility to store your toys 24 hours a day. What are you supposed to do if the traffic getting out of the Great Smoky Mountains makes you too late to get into your RV storage unit and you literally have nowhere else to park it? If you can’t access your storage unit after 5 pm, does that mean you have to leave the beach before you even eat lunch? We’d prefer not to stress over these hypotheticals, and you shouldn’t have to either. Opt for an RV or boat storage unit with 24 hour access in Greensboro. You can thank us later.

Why Security Matters in Greensboro

We know your RV or boat is your baby. If it’s not parked directly in front of your home, it’s easy to worry about it. We don’t think you should have to obsessively visit your unit every day to make it’s safe. Your unit should do that for you. RV and boat storage units can range from glorified outdoor parking lots to 100% enclosed units. When considering a storage facility in Greensboro, ask the manager to explain the different options along with other security considerations like how well lit the facility is, how many cameras are in place and how often staff members walk the property. Greensboro has an above average crime rate (it’s ranked as safer than 11% of US cities). We don’t think that’s cause for any panic, just all the more reason to factor in security when choosing a storage unit. Whether you’ve got a totally tricked out class A RV or a pop-up camper, we know how much you love it, and we think your storage unit should show it some love too.

Opting for a Flexible Lease

You don’t have to be a snowbird to know that flexible storage unit leases matter in Greensboro (though that is one population that benefits from them). If you’re lucky enough to have summer plans that put you and your boat on the coast from May through August, or you’re a seasonal campground employee living in an RV in the mountains for a contracted period of time, you probably don’t want to pay for storage that you’re not even using. Places like Ray Self-Storage (they have two locations in Greensboro) offer special leases for those who only need RV and boat storage space during the off-season rather than year round. Whatever facility you go with, be sure to line your spot up early so you can beat the rush of campers and boaters who are often scrambling for vehicle storage once temperatures dip.
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