Containing Christmas :: How to Win the Fight Against Paper and Ribbons

Mia Iverson | December 21, 2011 @ 11:20 AM

With the beginning of Hanukah and Christmas just around the corner, this time of year reminds me of when I was a kid and I sat underneath my mom’s card table playing with all the discarded gift-wrap, ribbons, and tape. In the past we would somehow shove all the leftover gift wrap and accessories into a cardboard box and hope by the next year it hadn’t succumbed to any damage like mildew or mold. In recent years, however, my family has discovered the awesomeness that is The Container Store and has taken full of advantage of all its holiday storage solutions. From archival ornament storage boxes to a full blown gift wrap cart that was featured on ABC’s Modern Family, there’s no excuse to let all that beautiful paper go to waste. The Container store also offers a vast array of video tutorials from wrapping to storage solutions and an extensive list of expert tips and ideas. So if you’re finding yourself in a bind this holiday season in trying to organize and store all of your gift wrap and decorations, head on over to The Container Store and become a storage effecianado yourself! Happy wrapping!

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