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Lockaway Storage - Weidner

10835 I-35 N, San Antonio, TX 78233

Office Hours
MONClosed TUE - FRI9:30am - 6pm SAT8am - 4:30pm SUNClosed
Gate Hours
Daily6am - 10pm

Closed for Lunch
Tuesday - Friday: 2:00pm - 2:30pm
Saturday: 1:00pm - 1:30pm

Google Reviews
rating 4.1
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Chelly G

7 months ago
rating 5.0
Melissa at the front desk is so sweet and gave Plenty of options when I came looking for a storage unit. This location is very clean and highly recommend it.

james cruz

10 months ago
rating 5.0
Management was very polite very courtesy great place to store your stuff

Olivia Gomez

3 months ago
rating 5.0
The lady that works there is very nice and friendly. It is a very quiet and good place and also very secure.

Steve Hamm

1 month ago
rating 5.0
Lockaway Storage is a good storage facility. They are well managed and the staff is very helpful.

Garry Gipner

6 months ago
rating 4.0
I am getting around 2 Desiree arranging our overflow we also let some realizing we had security we never even thought it possible if this place does offer security 24 hours 7 days a week at no extra charge

Damon Works

5 months ago
rating 3.0
Stored stuff, met a chick who was living out of hers a few doors down, partied and smashed. Good day.

Jessica Starr

1 year ago
rating 1.0
My unit was broken into and I wasn't even told. I had to hear about it on the news. THEN the lady at the front desk. Myrna or Merna or something LIED TO ME about when my uh nit went up for auction. So everything I owned...kids pictures, grandmothers ashes..all gone. Do NOT rent from here. You will regret it. They are rude, lying, thieves.

Andrew Howard

2 years ago
rating 1.0
This location is burglarized annually. I've experienced three instances in two years, myself. Owners will call you the next morning and tell you it's happened, but other than that simple notification, they take absolutely no action on behalf of you, the customer. I arrived to find my unit's door wide open and my stored items spilling out of the unit. Security measures are inadequate and in disrepair. Security cameras are too distant to make an identification, so unless someone's watching the live feed, they're useless. Spoiler: No one watches the cameras. There's no guard present, ever. Overnight, there's no one present at all - guard or otherwise. That means the audible siren alarm is useless, even when it works (it didn't). Even without the alarm, anyone nearby should have noticed the theft, since the offender cut a hole in the chain link fence, then literally beat the steel door with a sledgehammer until the lock broke off. This location is in an isolated, not-so-great location however, so of course no one responds to the crime in progress. Worst of all was the business's response to this burglary. They clearly do not care. They wired a chain-link patch over the hole in the fence (because that worked so well the first time), repainted the damaged door, and riveted on a new lock bar. The door doesn't close properly post-repair. The employees on-site were surprisingly dismissive of the entire situation, not even making an effort to speak to me when I arrived and was cleaning up. Given their demeanor, I suspect burglary like this is a regular occurrence. In my personal experience, that is in fact the case. I've had enough from this business, and I'm currently attempting to vacate my unit, however after the most recent burglary attempt, I'm not physically capable of getting the door open. I'm now forced to leave my things locked in an obviously insecure, clearly-damage unit, until this business is able to get a repairman to fix the door "in the next few days". Crossing my fingers and hoping the burglar does not return to finish the job. Also, I'm now forced to trust this company to lock my unit for me, whenever they're able to repair the door. Doesn't feel great placing my trust in these people who clearly do not care. Don't be a customer of this business. Even if you're storing items of little-to-no value, you'll still have to spend at least one day a year cleaning up after the ransacking. You're better off storing your things under a tarp in your own back yard.
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