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Webster, TX 77598
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These people were wonderful. What happened? New management? I'm not sure what changed, but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. Let me explain; I've been renting here since 2005 or so. In 2008, my mother lost her house. It was only natural to get her a unit by mine. We ended up with 3 units. In 2010, we consolidated into one of the extra large RV units. Not cheap. $265/month (and prices just went up last month). By my calculations, we've paid over $16,000 just in the last 5 years. You know what that says to me? I GET TO USE YOUR RESTROOM IF I NEED TO! Well, this new office lady doesn't seem to think so. I didn't mind when they had porta-potties in the back of the facility. But if I have to walk my self all the way to the front of the property (at 1:00 in the afternoon, in Texas July, after being there since 9 am) just to get to the one remaining port-a-can, then you could at least let me hitch a ride on your golf cart back to my unit. You wheel around strangers all day to look at the units. You could've given me a ride, but your office lady says you don't do that. I guess paying clientele doesn't deserve good service anymore. As much as my family has spent, I've bought you a golf cart twice over. Too bad I didn't have a heat stroke right there, maybe then you would change your policy. Which reminds me, changing policies.... I've been trying to have my lock cut for months since we lost the key. When we finally got together and decided to get a locksmith, we come out this morning to find, "Why yes, we do cut locks here. We can do that for you. Our policy has changed...." again. Thankfully, I got to call and cancel the locksmith on his way, but this is exasperating. I tried to get y'all to do this months ago. Not to mention, this unit is in my name. Always has been. I know it's not your job to get involved in family business, but you need to stay out of it all together. Trying to throw in my face that it's my mother's unit and you wouldn't help me (even though the unit is in my name) wasn't very appropriate when my mother had passed away only a few months before. I was the one that moved everything in and I was the one that worked weeks in there to get it consolidated. Just because your new people didn't see me, after I moved away for a bit, doesn't mean I have any less right to the unit. Get your shit together, Challenger. I can't wait till we move out of here and never come back. And to the owners, please remove the ladies that currently work the front desk. They are condescending, rude, and not helpful at all whatsoever. They overstepped their line (legally and personally) when they brought up my mom in a very hurtful and rude manner. The guy was nice. He's the only reason I offer up 2 stars instead of 1.