• Extra Small View
    1 SIZE FROM: 64
    See what fits!

    • 2' x 4' Unit

      Online Special

      64 74.00
      Fit extra boxes from home, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Small View
    4 SIZES FROM: 84
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    • 5' x 5' Unit

      Online Special

      84 94.00
      Store bicycles (condition them first!), 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 5' x 7' Unit

      Online Special

      114 124.00
      Perfect for small furniture pieces, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 5' x 10' Unit

      Online Special

      119 129.00
      Online retailers, store your extras, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 7' x 10' Unit

      Online Special

      159 169.00
      1/2 off first full month, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Medium View
    3 SIZES FROM: 189
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    • 10' x 10' Unit

      Online Special

      189 199.00
      1/2 off First full month, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 12' Unit

      Online Special

      214 224.00
      Small school? Store sports equipment, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 15' Unit

      Online Special

      269 279.00
      Moving overseas? Store valuables here, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Large View
    3 SIZES FROM: 349
    See what fits!

    • 10' x 17' Unit

      Online Special

      349 359.00
      Room for motorcycles, rafts, and gear, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 10' x 20' Unit

      Online Special

      369 379.00
      Own a business? Save money on space!, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 25' Unit

      Online Special

      429 439.00
      Outside toys: boat, raft, bike, toys, 24 Hour Cameras
  • Extra Large View
    1 SIZE FROM: 569
    See what fits!

    • 10' x 30' Unit

      Online Special

      569 579.00
      Renovating? Your household fits here, 24 Hour Cameras
  • Other View
    5 SIZES FROM: 22

    • 0' x 16' Unit

      Online Special

      22 32.00
      16 Cases, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control, Wine Storage
    • 0' x 22' Unit

      Online Special

      28 38.00
      22 Cases, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control, Wine Storage
    • 0' x 32' Unit

      Online Special

      38 48.00
      32 Cases, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control, Wine Storage
    • 0' x 100' Unit

      Online Special

      88 98.00
      100 Cases, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control, Wine Storage
    • 0' x 112' Unit

      Online Special

      92 102.00
      112 Cases, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control, Wine Storage
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Rose City Self Storage & Wine Vaults

111 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR, 97214

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - SAT8am - 6pm
  • SUN10am - 6pm
Gate Hours Now Closed
  • Daily8am - 6pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Jennifer StJohn

1 year ago
Prepared for us and our truck. Parking already set aside when we arrived! Paperwork in moments, understood our needs, and thoughtful of our stress-filled moving week. Our space was surgical clean! Many thanks!

Sam Menza

10 months ago
Polite and respectful staff. Storage units and facility is very clean.

John G

1 year ago
Clean inside and out, professional staff. I know that everything is safe and secure. I've had a unit here for more than a year and I'm very pleased. So is my wife. Thank you.

Jessa Freeman

3 years ago
We were moving in from out of state and had chosen a place a few blocks away and didn't arrive until evening. We discovered the place had no security, temperature control, or cameras to guard our things. When asked about break ins the manager said "You can never be 100% so don't leave valuables that can't be replaced." Ha! Too bad everything we were putting in was art and not replaceable. When I asked if there was another place close by they suggested Rose City. I got there right before they closed by the skin of my teeth. The lady there was so sweet and nice. When explaining that I needed to unload a moving van and have a place ready by the next morning she didn't hesitate to help us out. She even gave us a little discount and made sure to answer all our questions, give us a tour etc. She stayed an hour after the time just to make sure we felt right at home. I couldn't have been more happy. To top it off the place as wine tastings! Can't get much better than that. I told everyone about the experience and how lucky I felt to have found them. Thank so much Rose City Self Storage!

Erika Miller

2 years ago
We rented a unit here for a business tour we had for a few years and thought the experience overall was great. The units are well taken care of, the staff was easy to work with, and I appreciated that they worked with me since I was in another city coordinating the tour.

Amy Rose

6 months ago
The storage heros here really saved me on a very stressful day. Paperwork was painless and the place is swanky. Thanks guys!

Iain Davidson

5 months ago
Very friendly, went out of way to help and assist me. Note, surrounded by Portland homeless problem. Business area is ok, but be aware of nearby surroundings late at night.

John Kiefer

5 days ago
Clean, safe, and professional storage facility. I've used a number of different storage companies in the past and Rose City Storage beats them all. The facility and service is the best, they have a great option of sizes and the prices are competitive.

Tomiko Takeuchi

1 year ago
Great staff, clean and secure units. Walk a block south and west to Water Ave. #1 coffee roaster Water Ave Coffee is there ... Boke Bowl quick Asian lunch with vegan options ... Guardian Games for a place to stop and play. Could be a destination!

Richard Seymour

6 months ago
Temperature controlled secure storage

Christopher Lawrence

2 weeks ago
Nice, secure place.
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Na W.

7 months ago
Great place. Clean, convenient! Excellent customer service.
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Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Climate Control
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Truck Rental
  • Wine Storage