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      5' x 5' Unit Standard Outdoor enthusiast? Keep gear here, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      5' x 10' Unit Standard perfect size for a dorm room, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 10' Unit Standard Good space for seasonal outdoor toys, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 15' Unit Standard Confused about unit sizes? Ask us, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 20' Unit Standard Pack up a 3 BR apartment or home, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 25' Unit Standard outside uncovered RV parking, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 30' Unit Standard outside RV parking, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 20' Unit Standard uncovered parking space, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 40' Unit Standard outside uncovered RV parking, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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      10' x 50' Unit Standard covered RV storage with hookups, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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South Eugene Storage

86430 Franklin Blvd, Eugene, OR, 97405

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - FRI9am - 5pm
  • SAT, SUN10am - 3pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Economy Power Washing

2 years ago
Units are clean and staff is helpful and personable. Very reasonable rates.

crazy cat lover 23! wildet

10 months ago
Great rates, very friendly staff, and very clean.

Jimbob Jobob

7 months ago
Great place, right by the interstate, friendly staff!

Rachel Long

2 weeks ago
Super easy process to sign up and get storage unit going. It only took a phone call when I vacated my lot that to close it out. There is pretty good security, and I felt confident in leaving my car there.

Clarence Beard

2 years ago
Nice, very nice. The staff is very friendly and came through for me and my family. Nice place

Tyler Bottiger

1 month ago
Helpful. And clean

Donovan Gladwell

2 years ago
Not bad but kinda small. Needs to have easier access for larger uhaul trucks

Allie Rogers

11 months ago
1. Went to book a unit called the lady and we did it over the phone and then it was for a 5x10 and I get there after I've paid with my stuff and find out the unit is a 5x5... so I had to get a 10X10 and pay even more. It was the ladies second day so I didn't push it but was seriously inconvenienced 2. I hired movers and a uhaul showed up at the unit and my access was denied. It said access denied after 6pm. Which is ironic bc he contract I signed when I was here renting the unit and the contract online says "daily access from 6am -10pm" I had to then tell my movers that I paid for to stick everything in my parents house. I've had back surgery and can't move myself so now I'll have to rent new movers and a uhaul again a diff day 3. The assistant manager called me and was very nice, said he would give me compensation and make this right for me. 4 days later I've heard nothing ... 4. I call back and speak to the manager and explain everything. She told me she'd have to talk to the owners, wasn't aware I spoke with the assistant manager, and said I'd have to wait 5 business days to know if they could do anything... she didn't even say sorry for the inconveniences caused LIKE WHAT. I feel like they are keeping me waiting so they don't have to do anything for violating their contract!? I'm so upset and no other facilities have openings. I've never been treated worse and been shoved around like this. I hate leaving bad reviews but would hate for this to happen to someone else.

Ananda Ma

2 years ago
I called this place for 3 months, never got a person that answered the phone or return my voicemails...physically went to the storage place & no one was there...yet they were open?

Lee McBee

5 months ago
This has been by far the worst customer service experience I've ever had. Throughout my time dealing with this business, their "customer service" transition from awful to nonexistent. Not only have they never returned a single voicemail I've ever left, the only time I've spoken with anyone there they have been beyond rude to me. They do not inform you anywhere noticeable (that I found) that auto-billing cannot be cancelled online. When I called about cancelling and vacating my unit, the woman I spoke to was disrespectful to the point where I assume she must be the owner or related to them to have a job there at all. She did not follow through with any communication about whether my rent had been cancelled. I told her over the phone that I had just moved a few days ago and cleared out my unit, and rather than updating my information so my address was current and then cancelling my rent, she did absolutely nothing useful, and sent my vacating receipt to my old address. I called and left around five voicemails about needing to know whether my billing had been cancelled and rental ended, so CLEARLY I had not received the receipt in the mail. Rather than ever returning a single voicemail, when I finally got ahold of this woman, she told me very rudely that my receipt was in the mail. As if that helped me the last two weeks I've been trying to contact their business to have that information. By far the worst experience I've ever had dealing with a business, and I absolutely would recommend using any other storage rental place.
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Charity G.

1 year ago
Helpful, nice, great storage. The woman who helped me went out of her way to be helpful, and I only needed storage for less then a month. I can't imagine...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • RV, Car, Boat