• Small View See what fits!

    • 5' x 5' Unit Standard
      Store seasonal items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Medium View See what fits!

    • 10' x 10' Unit Standard
      Nice for college students, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 15' Unit Standard
      Great for holiday decorations, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Large View See what fits!

    • 10' x 20' Unit Standard
      Excellent for 2BR apartments, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 25' Unit Standard
      Good for household storage, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Extra Large View See what fits!

    • 10' x 30' Unit Standard
      Ideal for larger items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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Manhattan Mini Storage

220 South St, New York, NY, 10002

Office Hours Now Open
  • Daily7am - 10pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Jack Marks

10 months ago
Very clean place the workers there are unbelievable and they have a boss called mr. Campbell He is unbelievable one of the nicest men on this Earth and I would recommend people going there because the service is great and they're very understanding and they're there to help you they are a blessing when you are in time of need and moving is a very hard thing very nice very good place to go

A Google User

10 months ago
Pros: no time commitment needed, there is parking available, plenty of dollies/carts, and I was able to reserve a space two hours before they closed Cons: there were only two people at the front desk assisting customers--the paperwork/registration process took ~45 minutes

Nathaniel Johnson

10 months ago
Safe, Clean, Convenient

A Google User

7 months ago
Convenient and secure.

Lisa Scagnelli

7 months ago

Colin Peek

1 year ago
It was an absolute pleasure and a wonderful experience working with Delroy Campbell. I suggest others ask to work with him too.

I-Lin Chung

1 year ago
I came to the 220 south street location on Friday, and was in dire need of a way to transport my belongings to the storage facility the same day. Manager Delroy helped me thru the application swiftly and Storage advisor Elizabeth gave me (2) water while I was filling out the forms :) most importantly Delroy went out of his way to let me use their hand carts that they normally wouldn't lend out, being that I'm only 2 blocks away. With my ID as the collateral. I'm able to get my belongings into the storage despite the storage taxi being booked the entire weekend until Monday. And storage Monetta was also very pleasant to help me with the process. I would highly recommend this location! Thanks guys!

Almeida Almeida

1 year ago
Very cool!

Sheldon Campbell

11 months ago
Good place to store ur personal stuff.

A Google User

1 year ago
Storage spot - what else can I say? - I like the ads

Steven Strohmaier

8 months ago
Friendly service and the facility is clean and secure. Definitely recommend!

Lorraine Melendez

4 months ago
We had excellent service and care. Move in was exceptionally easy from the pick up, paperwork, the taxi driver and unloading. The storage facility is Professional and clean. The only hick-up was dealing with the boxes. A lot of effort put into purchasing them ahead of time and have them delivered....then incomplete and wrong items in my order. BUT I was refunded for the items that I did not receive and items I did not use. It was handled very well. Our check in service was just excellent!!

Lilly Walsingham

4 months ago
Absolutely amazing! Made moving stuff from my dorm to storage insanely easy, will be a returning customer! :)

Olive Chen

8 months ago
This is my first review and I really want to thank the staff at 220 South St, Manhattan Mini Storage! Carelessly, I booked my flights way too close to each other and forgot that the storage doesn't operate 24/7. I landed at JFK 10 pm on Feb.11 and had to fly out the next morning 10am. By calling in advance, they agreed to open early for me and let me in 6am. Thanks to Angelique Lemon-Stpierre , I managed to get in early and pack the things I needed. You really saved me by opening early. I really appreciate the top-notch service and responsiveness that Manhattan Mini Storage provides. Thank you very much for being so accommodating!

Rich Chang

10 months ago
The facility was very clean and managed extremely well. The staff were very helpful and got us set up with the best unit for our storage needs. price was surprisingly affordable for all the convenience and services they offer. Would definitely recommend them over other storage solutions.

Max McFerren

2 months ago
One of the best customer service experiences ever. Shaina was so helpful, and very chill! Thank you so much.

Gaston Levy

1 month ago
Good services, fair price, great location but the jewell of this business is Elizabeth Gomez in the front desk who took amazing care of me. Thank you Elizabeth

Michelle Marty

3 months ago
Today my experience at Manhattan Mini (220 South St) was a wonderful experience. The Storage Advisor Elizabeth Gomez was very professional and understood my needs. She knew the exact size I was looking for, Ms. Gomez addressed all the questions and concerns that I had regarding the storage facility. Bottom line Ms. Gomez was the ultimate professional, and I was grateful to have had her help me with my decision to obtain a storage space. Respectfully, Michelle Marty

Nancy Coreas

1 month ago
We had an amazing experience at this location. We have had our stuff in another location years ago and I must say that we didn't really have the greatest experience. Our storage advisor Elizabeth Gomez was AMAZING. She was beyond helpful and eased our stress with the process. She was smiling and extremely pleasant from the moment we walked in. We would highly recommend this location to friends and family. The location is clean and very convenient for us.

Clementine Mckethen

1 week ago
I love the manhattan storage they was very helpful and I will continue storage for a very long time thank you Delroy and pharaoh king help me very much truly will recommend other thank again

Daniel Ferreira

1 year ago
The staff at this location is cordial and accommodating. Angelique, Patrick, and their manager Delroy helped me get set up, with receiving packages, disposing of waste and managing my account. The facilities are clean and there are plenty of pallets to move heavy items. Definitely recommend given the reasonable prices and professional staff!

Solis Invictus

7 months ago
Everyone else is friendly, just watch out for Dio. She is the manager of the place, and it's obviously some kind of jealous hater towards other women. Today was my first encounter with her and it was not pleasant.

????? ??????????

7 months ago

A Google User

1 year ago
The staff members are nice. They've been very patient and understanding with me over the years. It's a great storage place compared to a couple I've had in the past.

Maria Victoria Torres

4 months ago
Staff is super nice, they have free mini water bottles. Prices are inexpensive. Only down side is they don't have 24 hrs access.

Michael Webb

2 months ago
Staff was very courteous and helpful I couldn't have did it without them and I appreciate the service and I will tell people about your when I have the chance

SanJay Patel

10 months ago
They are decent, but space is expensive in Manhattan. No matter how you slice it. Also, they close on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, but their website does not reflect this. I lost half a day and $150 because I showed up with a truck to find they were closed, despite the fact that the website says they are open 365 days per year.

Hong Wu

8 months ago
The loading place too small

Badr-eddine amal

1 year ago

Thomas Moriarty

1 year ago
Very expensive

Binhua Shi

1 year ago
Never use it

Scotty Zinifire

1 year ago
Excellent design and space. You get what you pay for. It's the ideal place to store things. The reason I am giving it one star is because of the customer service experience. This place is magnificent if you overlook the discrimination that takes place here. I had been a client for several months then spontaneously the manager decided to evict me for shaving once in the restroom. I had an important video session to attend that day and no time to go home to shave. Since my shaving equipment was in the locker I thought why not take care of it there. It seemed simple enough of a choice to make. Half way threw my shave the manager bardges in yelling at me as if I were his son. I never felt so humiliated. He then told me it was against the rules to shave there and that I would be evicted. There was no warning, nothing written in black and white stating that shaving was not allowed. I felt discriminated against. Despite how convenient it was to store my property there, I will never forget that unfriendly New York experience. I like my storage space, but I love my dignity.
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Adeena S.

1 year ago
I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by your representative Patrick Scott yesterday...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • Business Center
  • Climate Control
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Truck Rental