• Small View See what fits!

    • 5' x 5' Unit Standard
      Store seasonal items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Medium View See what fits!

    • 10' x 10' Unit Standard
      Nice for college students, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 15' Unit Standard
      Great for holiday decorations, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Large View See what fits!

    • 10' x 20' Unit Standard
      Excellent for 2BR apartments, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
    • 10' x 25' Unit Standard
      Good for household storage, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
  • Extra Large View See what fits!

    • 10' x 30' Unit Standard
      Ideal for larger items, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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Manhattan Mini Storage

520 W 17th St, New York, NY, 10011

Office Hours Now Closed
  • Daily7am - 10pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Fred Alluso

8 months ago
Secure, professional staff, clean facilities and reasonably priced. Everything you could possibly want in a storage facility located in the heart of the city. Highly recommended.

Ivan Bogatyy

11 months ago
Excellent business, helped me a lot with my move! Paperwork was quick and convenient, plenty of cell choices (larger vs smaller, air-conditioned vs not). Very useful to store my stuff while finding an apartment. Highly recommend this location.


10 months ago
I was dreading the move into storage but Chelsea MMS made the whole experience a dream. The shuttle service is incredible, not to mention the shuttle itself is huge and accommodated everything that I was storing in a 5'x7' unit in one load. Jerry helped me in the office. He was wonderful to work with. Can't say enough about MMS customer service.

Melanie Gowrie

9 months ago
Person I spoke to was very helpful showed me a few different spaces to make sure I was completely satisfied with the one I chose.

Michael Bonventre

9 months ago
Excellent! Great service and very convenient. Anyone in need of apartment space should rent from Manhattan Mini Storage.

Shanice Bennett

7 months ago
The workers at the front desk are so friendly they remembered after the first visit. The storage place is clean and a good enviroment.

Ken Cutts

1 year ago
I needed a storage unit fast and this location was able to work with me quickly to get everything arranged. After doing the initial work online, the the front desk person turned out to be my personal storage guru. He got my paperwork set up and took my on a tour of the building to show me the locker. This place is gigantic (you can tell by the outside of the building) so just allot for some time as you shuttle items back and forth. I felt that for my needs the price was good, but I could see where people battling the high cost of rent might have a hard time justifying the room size I had. I suggest storing your items as if you would be storing them in a basement. I had any small items in plastic tubs and larger furniture pieces wrapped in moving pads and shrink-wrapped where needed. In making an out-of-state move after being in NYC for a long time I was already familiar with Manhattan Mini Storage (subway ads, word of mouth, etc...) but I never felt the need to store there monthly. I feel that having my unit for a month before my move helped me organize everything and have a landing place from which to load my moving truck. They are also located across from a place that allows you to park a moving truck or van overnight (at a different rate) which is a bonus compared to other facilities. Speaking of moving trucks, their dock is easily accessible and made moving my items are very seemless.

Gabe Kis

1 year ago
I am a huge fan of the 17th street facility . Jerry, Elizabeth and Nick are so kind and professional. The best storage facility I have ever used. Clean,efficient,friendly.

A Google User

7 years ago
We moved all our old coffee tables into a Manhattan Mini Storage location on the spur of the moment and it could not have been easier. They are, without a doubt, the cleanest storage unit I have ever seen! Then we had all the space needed for our new Southport Coffee Table! If it wasn't for Manhattan Mini, then our interior design would just have been gross!

Dan Morris

7 months ago
Great experience - Jerry is always very helpful and welcoming and Ben managed to get me setup in minutes!

Yuqiong Zhou

7 months ago
Free ride, free wifi. Clean space. Good management.

Frank Pavich

6 months ago
Extremely friendly and knowledgable staff with an ultra clean facility. I highly recommend this location.

Colin Wood

2 months ago
Very clean, large and well protected area.

Izzy Barry

1 month ago
Both Gerry Goodwin and Rafael Freire provide outstanding customer service! They are kind, extremely helpful and thorough when answering my numerous questions. Manhattan mini storage at West 17th Street offers first rate customer service. Thank you!

Its Secret

1 day ago
Initially I was met from an outgoing fast talking female who ended up being the manager but had problems getting my card activated and led me to believe everything was alright. The very next day I went with movers to move my belongings in my storage but my card didn't work and it ended up that another female helped me and pointed out that my card's number hadn't been programmed correctly. Seems to me the reason the manager has the title is because of her ability to persuade but i as a customer would prefer honesty and a job done correctly minus all the smiles and fast talking. I recall asking why my receipt didn't have her (the manager's) signature on it since I left $500.00 down for deposit and was required to sign but she wasn't because according to her "it wasn't store/company policy". It was only after she had took my money and disappeared with it and had me sign forms that she wasn't signing that made me think twice. She stated that if I stayed with this storage facility for three long months and paid on time that I would receive my $500.00 deposit back which I'm having second thoughts about because she refused to sign my receipt. The storage facility was great except for this one individual who I felt sang a fast song and conned me but we'll see after three months if i do indeed get my deposit of $500.00 down. I was clearly informed that my first month would be free so I'm a bit confused as to when the third month ends and she didn't have a clue and no one else was around and on the day of my move I was too busy to recall to ask. I truly hope whoever's in charge reads and takes my claim seriously because my boss has a $500.00 an hour lawyer I could use and I don't think it should amount to that over one person's misleading mistake.
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M H.

8 months ago
I truly have no words to describe two of the most professional, helpful, understanding, and responsive men I have ever encountered at any business anywhere...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • Business Center
  • Climate Control
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Truck Rental