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Keepers Self Storage

157 1st St, Jersey City, NJ, 07302

Office Hours Now Open
  • Daily8am - 8pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Lionel Shen

11 months ago
Extremely professional and helpful staff. I needed a space to store some furniture for the short term and it was perfect. Uhaul trucks, moving boxes, furniture dollies etc. were all available. Very convenient and a one-stop solution. Highly recommended!

Ellieoott Duc

4 years ago
Absolutely love the service :) Although we are moving out of the area I will be back to visit. You have been so nice and thoughtful always.

Gary McCrimmons

1 year ago
Good people

Bryant Fan

4 years ago
The online bill pay is extremely convienent. Scott is very courteous!

matt Barnes

6 months ago
Some of these reviews below are crazy. I have had storage there for 6 months and never have had issues. Place is clean is well lit. Its self storage for gods sake!!! :)

Jessica Lynn Jennings

1 month ago
My husband and I stored our furniture and belonging with Keepers in Jersey City for 3 years while we reset our lives. Thank you storage Unit #6584! Great staff! Attentive and caring. Clean environment. Hassle-free tenancy. Thumbs up!

Alvin Puentevella

1 month ago
AWESOME! Attentive, pleasant, and caring staff. Kept my family's furniture and belongings with Keepers in Jersey City for 3 years. I've found them to be flexible and very easy to work with. The facility is clean and hassle-free. The ladies (and gents) are super friendly, especially Yolanda! :) Be nice to them. Remember, you get what you are. Thank you Keepers for keeping our things safe and sound. We are now moved into our new place. Enjoy!

Javier Galvis

7 months ago

Thomas Parry

2 months ago
Great parking, helpful staff and reasonable rates for storage

Colin Whitlow

1 year ago
This place always kind of smells and it seems like the staff is always arguing with a customer when I come in

Vishal Shah

11 months ago
AWFUL service, I WILL NOT use the storage. Going somewhere else, even though the other business is further away from Jersey City. I called for directions and the apathetic attitude of the lady at the front desk was apparent on that call. It got worse when I showed up. Look at all the positive reviews, they all happened 2 or 3 years ago. The recent reviews, such as within the last 6 months, including mine are NEGATIVE. So, things have changed guys and gals. Back to the lady at the front desk; she has no patience and thinks she knows best, so she will not truly listen to what a customer wants. She has a major attitude that is disguised by a high degree of her internal self-righteousness.....so it comes across like: "Don't tell me anything....I know what is best and how to tell you what is best. And any disappointment in customers I receive is purely because of their issues and certainly not mine." If you can picture that vibe I just described then you know what to expect. If you can't, go ahead and call them for information or walk in there and ask for information....you'll be guaranteed a disappointment and an attitude. By the way, I also witnessed a customer calling in asking about U-Haul rentals. The person obviously had many questions and concerns, and the service, attention, descriptions given by the lady at front desk was atrocious. While she was on the call with the customer, it came across to me that the lady did not want to get disturbed. Hmmm, but that's her job, she is front line customer service at the FRONT DESK.....you are going to get "bothered" by customers. This is what happens when you are a front desk employee.....question is: Do you deal with people professionally or un-professionally? Don't take my word for it guys and gals, call them or go visit them....you'll see. My suggestion, don't waste your time!

Joslyn Crowe

1 year ago
Staff seemed very helpful at my first visit however when I went back to move items into my storage unit a few days there was 2 men sleeping the back corner of the 3rd floor near my unit and a women sitting on a stool for what seemed to be the day. She was listening to a small radio, her locker was open and looked like a hoarders collection, and she was applying lotion to her legs. I felt very unsafe there on my own and called my husband to come meet me. I have not been back since.

Paul Niemczyk

7 months ago
Toxic dust in the air bled into my furniture and I had to get rid of it. Bed frame, bed set, leather sofa and armchair, and some clothes. I kept my things there for about a year under plastic covering, but the stench of the dust bled in anyway and would not come out after multiple cleaning sessions at home. I seriously wonder if the dust there is carcinogenic, and my home started to smell like storage. It's outrageous I had to get of my things... I would have been better off getting rid of all my things instead of storing them here. My fiance also stored a few items here prior to us consolidating our belongings, and she faced similar issues with the smell in her belongings at home, but not as bad as mine. This place might have a serious public health problem here and certainly a huge legal liability. Don't expose your belongings to this environment. They really owe me for the furniture that was ruined there under their occupation. On the plus side, management was friendly.

Damian Wieczorek

4 months ago
Cancelled my reservation 36 hours before pickup. The reason...."he can make more money off of 6-hour reservations than give up a truck for 2 days."
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Kim R.

1 year ago
The people at keeper storage were by far the most friendliest and helpful that I have encountered in jersey city. Gwendolyn provide detail information...
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Storage Facility Amenities5 Amenities

  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Se Habla Espanol
  • Truck Rental