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A-American Self Storage - Valley Rd

2075 Valley Road, Reno, NV, 89512

Office Hours Now Closed
  • Daily9am - 6pm
Gate Hours Now Closed
  • Daily8am - 6pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Christina Freedman

1 year ago

Regina Halliday

1 year ago

Juanitam Samasoni

1 year ago

Brian Williams

5 years ago
The staff at A-American storage is wonderful. The owners play an active role in ensuring the best of service, quality, and security of their facility. They also play an active role in helping our community organizations and making the world a better place. I would 100% recommend that their facilities be placed under the highest regard if you are looking for storage units.

Melody Keefe

4 years ago
Clean, Friendly, Fast, Courteous. We've been using the Valley Road location for over two years and never once had a problem with them. I definitely recommend them to everyone. They even have a truck you can use!

Grey Tilley

8 months ago
Friendly, affordable, and courteous. Great experience and the staff are all very knowledgeable and polite.

Jeremy Kane

7 months ago
These guys have been more than awesome and accommodating in more ways than one

Farrihn Enos

2 months ago
Moving our stuff in and out of our upstairs unit was a breeze with the help of the friendly and attentive staff at A-American Self Storage. Thank you guys!

Charity Rose

2 months ago
I stored nearly my whole household here after a difficult divorce. The units were clean, safe, well lit and dry. The employees were kind and helpful and willing to work with me when I fell behind in my payments. While I hope to never have to use their services again, if I do, this will be the storage place I use.

Wendy Quiring

5 years ago
Staff has been friendly and helpful since we rented our storage unit 2 years ago. Their rates are very reasonable. No complaints and we know our stuff is safe!

Rachela Reno

1 year ago
The move in price is well worth all the various bad things about this place...it's $20 bucks to move in and you get to use the truck for free...but they drive the truck.. which I don't like but it's free. also one of the worst things is they close at 6 p.m. and you can't access your storage unit. If you get a unit on the second level it's a hassle from hell.... u have to go to the office and they have to bring a crate via forklift...then they wait for you to load it and then forklift it up to second level.. then you unload it then they take it back down, load again... if you're moving a lot of stuff absolutely do not get a big storage unit on the second level... the people there are nice though...but there is the worry about your storage unit being broken into as well... but you can put two locks on your unit so bring two good ones!

Brian Anderson

6 months ago
They make it easy to rent and be done when you need to, definitely recommend

George Leap

2 weeks ago
The staff is very friendly and easy to work with, good place to store your belongings.

Julie Akers

2 weeks ago
Friendly staff... Good pricez

shani garcia

1 year ago

Jerome Fallorina

9 months ago
Kinda ghetto. Not that bad

Debbie Cant

8 months ago
Staff is friendly. Place is dirty.

Diana Hunsucker

5 months ago
Not as secure as it should be! No cameras upstairs halls where my storage unit is and was broke into a couple months ago my lock was cut off and I was made to buy a new one.

Marc Newlin

1 year ago
This place is amazing. Not only will you have valuables stolen out of your vehicle, A-American Self Storage will refuse to show you the video footage they claim to have recorded. I have zero confidence in the security of this facility, and wonder if the ubiquitous video cameras are even real. Perhaps it is well suited to storing a pile of bloodstained mattresses, but I would certainly not store anything of value here.

Chris Bainbridge

1 year ago
These people are very rude and have absolutely no personality they let my storage unit fees run up and did not inform me that I was late at all and won't give me a different gate code to get in cause they gave me the wrong one in the first place.don't store your stuff here.

dustin schneckloth

8 months ago
They have no security upstairs and lot of people's stuff stolen...

Kristin Henriksen

7 months ago
Good luck getting a hold of the corporate number you gave me. The phone hangs up when asked to leave a message, and "Josh" is only in on Mondays. You would think that after being robbed many times, that cameras would be installed. Nope. More people are being set up to get robbed.And no one does anything about it. We continue to get lien fees and late charges on what garbage we have left. What about "hey we will do anything to fix what has happened?" Times are tough, and when we got robbed, everything we own was stolen -from family heirlooms to custom auto supplies to tools,etc. But hey, you better get that lien fee in- charged in under 30 days late. Sounds illegal and immoral to me.

Trisha chap

5 months ago
Not very nice. No respect for people's belongings.

Mark Morgan

4 months ago
If I could give less than 1 star I would but it makes me leave at least one star. I called today to pay my past due fees that I owed. Get them paid and asked to make sure the overlock was off and that I'd be able to gain access to my unit because their were things I needed to get out. Was assured that the locks would be off and that I'd be able to get access, get to the facility after the office closed and punch in my access code and am denied entry, says to "Call Management". I call the call center, explain my situation and am told that someone will call me shortly with an emergency access code so I can get in and if I don't hear back in a timely manner, call back and she can get me a code. Really? Why not give it to me now? So hang up and after 20 minutes of waiting I call back and explain to another person what is going on, she says hold on and let me talk to my supervisor. After 3 minutes on hold, I get hung up on. Call back yet again and explain to yet another CSR my situation, she tells me I just have to wait for the phone call to get a temporary access code. So here we are another 15 minutes later and still have yet to hear from anyone. This company is a joke and their customer service is even worse, getting told things by people and nothing is followed through with. I'm now down to 10 minutes left to access my unit to get things I absolutely need tonight and still haven't heard back yet Need more time then what they are leaving me to get what's needed. Look elsewhere for storage options, this place is not upkept well or at all and the customer service is next to non-existent!!! This facility is Sutro Street and managed by the Valley Road facility, so I'd stay away from that one also. Here it is an hour later, gate access is over and still no call!

Angelina Blare

3 months ago
My things were ransacked and stolen while stored here, and I'm pretty positive it was an inside job. Full size dressers were stolen from my unit, I'm not sure how someone would've got those over a fullsize barbed wire topped fence. Over 3k of things were stolen, and the insurance policy covered about 2k. My college degrees, text books, dressers, etc were all stolen, as well as art my deceased mother bought for my home. DO NOT STORE YOUR THINGS HERE. The cameras supposedly were not covering that hall way, blah blah blah. Never heard a single thing about an investigation. This was in 2014.

Summer Woodcock

1 month ago
It started out as a great experience with the $20 first month move in rate & a nice gentleman named Levi whom I was fortunate enough to get on the phone any time that I called, but quickly turned into a complete nightmare! A whole load of my life's belongings were stolen from the bay (including 10 canvas &/or framed art pieces, over 50 pairs of shoes, 2 huge totes of clothes, my personal filing box of very important documents, a few small furniture pieces & some irreplaceable memorabilia from a friend that had recently past away. Their camera system is very limited & insufficient & they close at 6pm, 7 days a week & not just the office, the whole place & without checking to see if anyone is still there! (Yes I was locked upstairs in a building for 3 freezing hours!) The staff is unprofessional & rude, with the exception of that gentleman Levi who was consistently great the whole time! I have since met numerous people who have rented from them in the past & I only heard horror stories, not a single good review!
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Desirée J.

1 year ago
Kenny was very friendly, he helped with purchasing my unit and lock and made the whole process speedy and convenient, finding the most inexpensive deal...
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