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Wolf Creek Storage

30830 Louisiana Highway 16, Denham Springs, LA, 70726

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  • MON - SAT8am - 6pm
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Storage Customer Reviews


1 year ago
Very friendly personnel

Brianne Sing

1 year ago
Very pleased with our experience at Wolf Creek. Called post flood and Sharon-Ann was more than accommodating and willing to help get us into a unit quickly. Unit price is very competitive and larger size fits all our belongings with room to move around. Unit was clean, secure, and easy to access. Credit card payments have been processed with absolutely no issues. Convenient business hours and even the option to pay by phone. Call Sharon-Ann if you need to rent a unit!

The Worm

9 months ago
Everything you could ever want in a storage facility and more. Fast, friendly, and easy are three defining words when dealing with the people. Sharon-Ann proved to more than helpful in aiding me in renting a storage unit, especially as a first time customer. She guided me through the process with considerable ease. I have neve had the experience with the U-Haul portion of the facility but if it is anything remotely like the storage portion I know where I will be renting in the future. Between the efficient system and friendly customer service, Wolf Creek Storage could not receive higher accolades from this satisfied customer. 5 stars easy.

Brandon Ritter

9 months ago
Very friendly and professional staff. Extremely fast, informative and helpful. Location is very convenient. Will always use Wolf Creek for my Storage needs and would highly recommend to anyone.

Sharon-Ann Bourgeois

9 months ago
Great location in the heart of Denham Springs ready to serve you.

Heather Chatagnier

9 months ago
Sharon-Ann was very helpful and friendly! Fast service and very dedicated to her work. I truly recommend wold creek for anyone who needs a uhaul or storage. Only facility Ill deal with!

Ben Bourgeois

9 months ago
Great customer service and curb appeal . Manager went out of her way to accommodate my family . Keep up the awesome work !

Michael Bourgeois II

9 months ago
As far a storage facility goes, Wolf Creek is nothing overly flashy or glamorous. But what it lacks in fancy units it makes up for in spades with friendly customer service and efficient management. The manager (I forget her name) was defiantly quick, and friendly. In filing my application for a unit, it took a few minutes and a couple questions and then I was on my way lock in hand. I needed to haul somemthing to my house, and I remembered the UHauls outside and the pleasant experience I had with the manager and tried my luck at Wolf Creek. I had a very similar experience there as well. I was in, our, and returned the truck with no headaches. Would gladly do business with this company again. Perfectly satisfied customer.

Sam Hanks

4 months ago
Wolf Creek is a great storage facility. Owner is very professional and courteous. Very clean property and great location. Wolf Creek can handle all of your storage and moving needs. They are also a UHaul dealer. It is in a great location in the heart of Denham Springs!!

A Google User

7 years ago

Kelli Theriot

1 year ago
Horrible service! The old lady is rude and very unpleasant! Will NEVER do business with this company!!

Liana Prestigiacomo

3 years ago
This place is horrible. Our storage unit leaked and caused our stuff to mold. I've also been told by people who have rented a unit from them that they continue to charge their card even after they moved their stuff out and they have sold their items without notice

Renee Mullenax

10 months ago
My mother recently moved to Louisiana from Florida. It was a long and tiring trip and after unpacking her U-Haul we went to drop it off at Wolf Creek because they are also a U-Haul service provider. We went to park the car hauler and the owner came out and started yelling at us that we could not park it there, that we had to park it over by the storage unit's because "it wouldn't fit." However, there were several other trucks & a car hauler the same size that we were trying to park next to at that time. This lady did not bother to show us exactly where she wanted us to park or to escort us in anyway. We were in my jeep, hauling a vehicle hauler, and the turn that we had to make to get into the other section for parking was very narrow and required us to pull out into heavy traffic. The safest way for us to make this turn was to go wide and partially pull through the grassy median on the property. We parked and went inside and let the lady know that we were finished. We handed her the paperwork and she started complaining that we did not have the hand dolly that was listed on the inventory. We explained that the U-Haul place in Florida I had forgotten to give her the hand dolly because it was raining outside at the time that they were doing everything and it was a bit hectic. We left and shortly afterward this lady called my mother to complain that we had driven through the grassy median and left tire ruts in the grass. She was extremely unfriendly and would not listen to a thing that my mother had to say about it. She then tried to charge us for the hand dolly, even after the U-Haul place in Florida had called her to explain the situation. She actually told her the other U-Haul employee that she was charging us for the hand dolly anyway so that she could get payment for the damaged grass. When it became clear that my mom was not going to be bullied this woman then decided to actually file an insurance claim and a police report for the damaged grass. At this point I returned to the business to stamp down the muddy grass and discovered that there were at least 4 other tire tracks in this area as well that could not have possibly been from us pulling straight through because they were also going in completely different directions. It was clear that we were not the only people who had ever pulled through this median. This lady did not even bother to actually follow through with the insurance claim and provide the insurance company with the information that they were requesting. However, my mother was extremely cooperative with the insurance company and went so far as to acquire the official city records that stated/illustrated that the median we had driven across was actually city property and was not property of the storage unit whatsoever. In the end we did not get charged for the hand dolly and the insurance claim was dropped because the lady had no proof to back up her claim...but along the way this woman was so rude and so unfriendly and it was absolutely ridiculous. My mother had just spent three days of exhausting traveling and packing and unpacking and this was the very first person from Louisiana that she had any contact with. My mom had to spend her first month in Louisiana going through this bull crap because of this horrible woman and I hope that nobody ever makes the mistake of going to this business ever again!

Ty A

2 years ago
First off, only giving one star because there is no option for 0 stars. The place needs an upgrade, leaky units cause mold and the management does nothing for it. Don't get me started on damages from rats or some other rodents.. The one day I go to my storage unit there is some event and people are blocking the unit and I had to hunt the drivers of the vehicles to ask them to move. To top this crappy transaction off she is still trying to charge me rent when I no longer have a unit there. Sharon answered the phone outside of business hours, said to call back monday morning. So i did. 3 times. Left 3 messages. Tried again today and got voicemail, but she at least called back in a timely manner. I get that she needs the money by the looks of that place but honestly do you have to resort to theft of a college student trying to get ahead in life? Thank God for karma.

Lola Bee

1 year ago
RUN AWAY!!! NEVER USE THEM!!! After taking my payment today they hung up on me. I am paying for a month and for stuff that are damage from this disastrous flood. DO NOT STOP!!! I would not put a star at all. My things went under 5ft of water and that area just got cleared about a week ago to go in. When I called Sheryln-ann picked up and told me not to come into town due to the area being blocked so I did not fly in. Now this. I am so frustrated right now. These are suppose to be Christian. Who would try to take advantage of people during a disaster. My bill was paid up for last month. This is the beginning of the month and I do not feel I need to pay for a month that I am not using. I am shocked at Sheryln-Ann the most. Her attitude was the worst and without any compassion. It was like a hustle. We had already been double charged 3-4 months straight. We had to change cards because of that. Then they put locks on my storage saying we were late when in fact we had over paid them and the payment is due on the 1st of Sept. Today is the 3rd. They are not to put lock until 10 days after plus the storage just opened. I am so shocked as Sheryln-Ann when I met her she was fair and just now she has changed. It seems it was about the money like they wanted to collect money on other's losses. There was no compassion that I lost my whole life. A Disaster shows you what you who is really who. There is something fishy going on with this company and it seems fraudulent. PLS DO NOT USE THEM FIND ANOTHER PLACE

louise cockerham

1 year ago
This place is disgusting. Did not want her tenants to put there flooded items to the road side . What does she think they r going to do with all the wet , stinky crap . I have heard the owner lives in Colorado One of the tennant s had been told by owner that lives in Colorado . Told tenant to get her nasty cramp off of his property . Livingston parish has been devastated . So it just goes to show u what kind of heart he has .No compassion at all . All he is waiting to do his collect his $ and screw his tenants . Some tenants r being charged $55 to cut their lock cut off to get the their flooded. storage belongings . They can have mine and put it up for suction in sept . Thank u unsatisfied very tenant . I hear the manager is charging $55 to cut lock to get in their storage to find out how bad. the damage is That is as low blow . I don't have one thing nice to say about wolf creek storage . LOOK OUT KARMA.

Ashley Ivy

2 weeks ago
I returned a Uhaul here and explained that I never received the utility dolly that I reserved. I was told by the Wolf Creek rep that I needed to call my pickup place to have the dolly taken off so I was not charged for it. Wolf Creek closed my ticket before I could get in contact with the pickup location so there was nothing they could do. I was then charged $75 for a utility dolly that I never received. Very rude and inconsiderate customer service.
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Sarah J.

1 year ago
Property was one of the few up and running after the flood. Great curb appeal and customer service was awesome. Rented a truck and was able to return in...

Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Access
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Climate Control
  • Drive-up Access
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