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    • 5' x 8' Unit Standard

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      104.99 114.99
      Climate Controlled Floor 1
    • 5' x 10' Unit Standard

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      65.99 75.99
      Self-Storage Drive-Up
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      Self-Storage Drive-Up
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      Self-Storage Drive-Up
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      Self-Storage Drive-Up
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      263.99 273.99
      Self-Storage Drive-Up
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      79.99 89.99
      Parking (8ft x 23ft)
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139 SW 63rd St, Des Moines, IA, 50312

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  • MON - FRI9:30am - 6pm
  • SAT9:30am - 5pm
  • SUNClosed
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  • Daily6am - 10pm

Storage Customer Reviews

NooBodi knower

1 year ago
There are people who are doing a job to earn a paycheck, and then there are people like Kim. Don't get me wrong, she is probably employed here to make ends meet, but she will also bend over backwards to make sure that your experience with Storage Mart is an pleasant experience, whether you are a new renter, someone who has had a unit with then for years, or someone who finally has enough space for all their stuff in storage and are ending their services with them. She has a heart of pure gold and will do everything within her power to make sure you have a great day. I hope storage mart appreciates the level of service she provides to their customers, they come few and far between if you can even find people like her anymore.

Paul Bessman

1 year ago
My call was quickly answered and I was provided all of what I needed to get set up. The staff was friendly and professional. I worked with Kim and after several schedule changes, I was able to get set up on Friday night, so I could start moving my things into storage over the weekend

Kris DeJong

1 year ago
Kim was very pleasant and knowledgable to work with. Would highly recommend their service and facility to anyone!

James Hindal

1 year ago
Alisha was very kind, she obviously could get a job elsewhere; Storage Mart is lucky to have her as an employee. Easy on the eyes too!

Joe Hayes

4 years ago
I have been renting space at the Budget Storage facility on 63rd street for six+ years. I had such great service -- and was very satisfied with the cleanliness and overall security of the facilities -- that I rented a second space. They offer excellent options for available rental space. The facilities have always been well-lit at night, and the grounds and buildings well-kept and clean. In all these years, I have never experienced any problems with water damage or shoddy maintenance. I like the key-pad security gate at the front entrance which requires a password for entry, and specially designed security locks are available from the font office for extra protection of the rental units. The staff is very cordial, and the facility is 'out of the way' but easy to access. Highly recommend!

Dominic Gasparotto

1 year ago
Good experience. I'd come back.

Don Wengert

2 years ago
Excellent. Very nice storage facility and office. Helpful check-in staff.


6 months ago
Nice storage facility. Very safe secure and clean.

Tina Looker

1 day ago
Michelle is the best! Clean units! Easy access! Great customer service! Great location! HIGHLY Recommend!!!

Sondra Smith

3 years ago
Horrible experience! I rented one of the biggest units available and it got broken into. They seen it was broken into overnight and didn't call me until almost 11am the next day. I pay for their insurance coverage there and they assured me that they would handle everything in a timely manner and apologized, they also informed me that they were working with DMPD. I made a police report and turned in my claim as I was told to do. Its been over a month and I have talked to my office repeatedly. They claim to know nothing. They keep telling me to wait and refuse to give me corporates phone number. They act like Im bothering them with every phone call. All I want is my stuff replaced and repaired from all the damage! They didn't even bother to discount the rent to keep my service. less then a week after that they wanted a full months rent. All they would do for me is give me a new lock because mine was cut. They didn't catch anything on the cameras they claim to have and have no answers to anything. They still have yet to return any of my calls. Horrible customer service. Needless to say I will never rent from this location or any other under Storagemart ever again. I cant believe they way they have conducted themselves. And Im reporting them to the BBB, because this is absolutely ridiculous!
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Storage Facility Amenities3 Amenities

  • Climate Control
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras