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    • 5' x 6' Unit Standard

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      39 49.00
      Holiday dec., Dorm room, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 5' x 12' Unit Standard

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      62 72.00
      2 pickup loads, 1 bdrm apt., motorcycle, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      3 pickup loads, 1-2 bdrm apt, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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      single car garage size, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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      122 132.00
      4 bdrm household +, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 11' x 30' Unit Economy

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      57 67.00
      Outdoor Parking on Ashpalt, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 11' x 30' Unit Standard

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      82 92.00
      Covered Parking for RVs/Boats, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 12' x 30' Unit Standard

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      151 161.00
      RV, wide drive access, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 12' x 45' Unit Standard

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      229 239.00
      Great Commercial Units, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 30' x 40' Unit Standard

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      432 442.00
      Comm unit, boats, toys, u name it, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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Stor-It Self Storage

1776 Avest Lane, Meridian, ID, 83646

Office Hours Now Open
  • MON - SAT9am - 6pm
  • SUN9am - 3pm
Gate Hours Now Open
  • DailyOpen 24h

Storage Customer Reviews

Steve Morgan

1 year ago
Clean and well run.

A Google User

6 years ago

Matt Compton

7 months ago
Great place for storage. Friendly staff. Clean facility.

Drew McCumber

2 months ago
Troy and Lisa are Great and fun to talk to! They have been working their for many years! This shows they must have a great boss and it must be a great company to stick around for that many years!

Jamie Hanson

2 months ago
Great people and company! Thanks for the phone number to some moving companies!

Scott Maury

1 month ago
Clean ...computer billing..shed not quite tall enough for my camper....nice wide open spaces and plenty enough to move around on driveway. Nice staff.

Nathan Chapman

3 weeks ago
Great place to store you extra things, nice staff, always helpful!

Ebin Barnett

1 year ago
No power or climate controls, but great company and staff. Nice 24/7 access.

Richard Phillips

7 months ago
Great rates and sound storage units.

Jose Perez

1 month ago
I will give them credit for having clean facilities and spacious units but the prices are kinda high and the management is the type that will work with you one day and flat out be jerks the next. On the upside they do offer 24 hour access and online payments.

Liz Wright

8 months ago
Beware: The unit was fine and the security was great. However, we cleaned our unit out the 5th of the month, turned keys in etc. We asked the front office about a prorated refund and we were told they would let billing know and they would refund us money if it was due. 3 months later, 3 phone calls later, we were told they don't do refunds, just credits toward a future rental. NEVER have we had that happen with other storage unit facilities. That's double dipping!!

Eric Malek

8 months ago
Stay away from these guys. They have a ridiculous policy where you have to be there in person to authorize other people to access your storage unit. Well, I happen to be 400 miles away, and the movers I hired need to be able to enter the unit. But Stor-It seems to think that it's reasonable for me to drive 14 hours round trip just to authorize the movers to access it. Of course they're happy to take payments remotely, but when it comes to actually offering any kind of assistance, they're nowhere to be found. Not to mention the fact that there's absolutely no climate control, and all your stuff will be covered in an inch of dust and dirt within a few weeks. Save yourself the headache and store your stuff elsewhere.

cindy fleenor

6 months ago
This place sucks! I had a storage unit there for over 4 years. I was never late with rent nor caused any problems. Someone got ahold of my gate code and went in and stole a trolling motor off of a little fishing boat. I immediately contacted the police detectives and identified one of the perpetrators. I gave them the information of where this person lived, worked, and what vehicle he drove. I told them his girlfriends name and where she lived. I put feelers out there an found out where the motor went. I agreed to testify in court. The storage place gave me 3 days to move out and restricted my access. I was using a trailer provided by another storage facility. When Store-It-Self Storage saw the name of the other facility on the trailer, they called the facility and told them that I was the thief and advised they should evict me, before I was even moved in all the way. So I lost that place too! They cost me a lot of money and headache and aggravation even though I explained everything to them and they accepted it. They suck! So does Republic Storage.

Mr. Macarena

2 months ago
BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY! Ref: Stor-It, 355 N Ten Mile Rd, Meridian, ID 83642 Stor-it offered and charged me a "Climate Controlled" storage unit, but will not stand behind that service. I rented a Climate Controlled unit in April 2017. In both June and July, while visiting the unit, I noticed that my "climate controlled unit was running warmer than I expected so on July 25th installed a high quality thermometer so I could verify the actual temperature. Turns out the temperature in the unit was in the mid 90's (94.7F to be exact) so I went to the onsite mgrs (Cody & Krissa) who were very kind and informed me that the climate controlled units should be maintained at around 72F. I then let Cody know that my unit was registering 94.7F and that there was clearly a problem that had been going on for some time. He told me he would have someone call me straight away and let me know when the matter would be resolved. On July 31, 2017 I called and left a message with the answering service inquiring as to wether or not the matter had been resolved and again I was told that someone would get right back to me. 5 minutes later a man named Dave" called me back and let me know that he would get with the owner and Cody to get the matter addressed. At that time I expressed my frustration over the issue and informed Dave that I expected receive some compensation for the "non-service" I had paid for the prior two months (June & July). He told me that sounded reasonable and that he would get back to me when the temp control system was fixed to work out my request. Fast forward to August 15, 2017. I called and spoke with Cody inquiring if the climate control had been fixed and he said that it had been fixed a little over a week ago. He also told me that apparently the heaters had been stuck on and thats why the temperature was not the climate controlled 72F he had told me the units were maintained at. I asked about the credit I requested for June and July and he told me he would have Dave or someone get back to me asap. The next day at 7:38AM MST, David called and left me a message letting me know the matter had been resolved. As he did not address my request for rental credit, I called the system (no human answers the Stor-It phone 95% of the time and if a human does answer the phone, its an answering service) and left a message for David letting him know I need to speak with him and that if he called back and missed me for any reason to leave a phone number that he would actually answer so as to avoid the VM Phone Tag nonsense. He called me back at 3:34PM MST and left a message (he called while I was receiving a delivery) and told me there would be no compensation. Seeing as how he did not leave me a direct line, I once again called the system and left him a message. He called me shortly thereafter and we had a heated discussion wherein I referred to the conversation from July 31 where I requested some rental compensation. Apparently he was not "Dave" but rather "David" and that he had no knowledge of any such conversation. He proceeded to rail on me for pestering him and told me straight up that I was SOL. BOTTOM LINE: If you offer a service, support it and be prepared to deal with customers amicably when problems arise that are your responsibility and be professional when reasonable requests are made. I've been in CS for over 30 years, I know how to treat customers, especially "upset" people. Refunding someone a few bucks as a way of saying sorry you had this experience with us goes a long way. Refuse, and this is what you get. Do yourself a big favor. Dont rent from Stor-It and save yourself a potential pain in the ass.
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Eric M.

8 months ago
Stay away from these guys. They have a ridiculous policy where you have to be there in person to authorize other people to access your storage unit. Well, I...
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Storage Facility Amenities7 Amenities

  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Truck Rental
  • 24 Hour Access
  • RV, Car, Boat