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    • 5' x 6' Unit Standard

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      34 44.00
      Holiday dec., Dorm room, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 5' x 12' Unit Standard

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      57 67.00
      2 pickup loads, 1 bdrm apt., motorcycle, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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    • 8' x 12' Unit Standard

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      68 78.00
      3 pickup loads, 1-2 bdrm apt, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 10' x 12' Unit Standard

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      82 92.00
      3-4 pickup loads. 2-3 bdrm apt, Drive-up Access, 24 Hour Cameras
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    • 8' x 18' Unit Standard

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      94 104.00
      single car garage size, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 10' x 18' Unit Standard

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      104 114.00
      3 bdrm household +, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 10' x 24' Unit Standard

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      121 131.00
      4 bdrm household +, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 11' x 30' Unit Standard

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      147 157.00
      RV, wide drive access, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 12' x 30' Unit Standard

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      56 66.00
      Angled, Asphalt parking, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 22' x 30' Unit Standard

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      290 300.00
      Time lit Commercial Unit, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
    • 16' x 60' Unit Standard

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      347 357.00
      Commercial Units/Boat Parking, Drive-up Access, RV, Car, Boat, 24 Hour Cameras
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Stor-It Self Storage

600 North Maple Grove Road, Boise, ID, 83704

Office Hours Now Open
  • MON - SAT9am - 6pm
  • SUN9am - 3pm
Gate Hours Now Open
  • DailyOpen 24h

Storage Customer Reviews

Paula Adamson

10 months ago
I have dealt with many of Stor-It's employees and they all have always helped me with everything I need. They have limited U-Haul rentals, but the gentleman working was able to find me the U-Haul truck I needed and got it reserved for me instead of just sending me down the road with a phone number to call. It made my move so much easier, and for that I am thankful for the folks at Stor-It.

Drew McCumber

10 months ago
I have been storing at different Stor-it locations for a long time. I was at the Maple Grove location trying to get my car out of storage but the battery was dead. The lady in the office came out and jumped my car for me! I was very thankful because it was so cold!

Amy Jensen

10 months ago
I was having a bad day and the two people working in the office went out of their way to help me. They did not have the size I needed so they found me a unit at one of their other locations. I processed all the paperwork with them and the girl printed off directions to my storage unit. I have never been treated so kindly. Thanks You Stor-it!

Samuel Reading

1 year ago
have used this location multiple times in the past. they always offer discounts when you pay a year or how every long up front. I'm calling them again today to set up a unit for a few months. never have had one problem.

Steve Hunt

8 months ago
Great place to store it

Starr Dennis

1 year ago
I just call I got the owners sister she was nothing but helpfull kind harted it is just to bad that at this time they have no storage at this time so that said she was so helpful looking up anything she could find for us so I have no bad words to say but for the comments that I read I don't like when people blame other people for there own problems if you mess up u cant blame anyone but yourself. And to the owners good job for how u where vary perfosnely people like that r just looking for a fight.

Marco briz

2 years ago
Everything has gone smoothly since i moved my stuff in

Jessica S

1 year ago
If you follow the simple rental agreement it is the easiest storage facility to work with. They are very helpful and kind people here.

Anthony Young

3 months ago
The staff here are awesome! Happy with the size and price of my storage unit.

Aaron Kemp

5 months ago
Stor-it Self Storage are such great people. They took amazing care of us while storing our things their. Greatly appreciate their staff. Couldn't ask for more.


2 months ago
24 hour access, secure, private, no hassle. No complaints

Jamie Hanson

2 months ago
I could not lift a box and the girl in the white car stopped, asked if I wanted help because she worked there, and gave me a nice cold bottle of water! Thanks!


9 months ago
Roomy units at a decent price.

Julie Turner

1 year ago
Always very helpful and the best prices in town.

Will Grubaugh

5 months ago
Staff is really friendly. They keep raising their prices on a regular basis.

cris aguilar

9 months ago
Great service and very easy to work with. Have had a unit here for years and zero problems. The snow could be removed in a better way though.

Micah Burkman

10 months ago
*D rating by the better business bureau*.Have been a customer for probably close to 10 yrs. Rates have steadily gone up. Spoke with kenzie who she claimed was the manager of maple grove site, about the price hike. She said they raise prices every year. She was very rude when asked if i can speak with a manager. She ignored my request, and said they would tell me the same thing. When I asked again to speak with a manager, all the sudden she was one. She had an attitude from the beginning of the call and had terrible customer service. On another note...they cut some concrete out to replace at the front of my unit. Was not notified, nothing was covered and ended up with a thick layer of concrete dust all over my furniture and belongings throughout the whole shed. Thanks for that. **update. The lovely kenzie notified me I have 5 days to get my things out. Im being evicted for leaving a bad review. What a way to treat a client after 10 yrs of service. ***update#2 apparently the managers are liars as a previous commenter mentioned because stor its response was one big lie. I was evicted precisely for my negative review. Kenzies exact words were "thanks to your bad review you're being evicted". I received this info in the form of a call 5 minutes AFTER I left the critical review. As a result, I went to the office to speak to the manager which turned out to be kenzie. Nothing about my visit was violent. If so, why were the police not called? Instead kenzie refused to provide me with a copy of the contract that I asked for, as well any info of the owners or anyone else I could speak with about this rude behavior of management. The steady price increases were my first concern, but Kenzies rude attitude to a 10 yr customer of stor it was my main problem. I chose to picket out front of their maple grove store and was not surprised to see kenzie flip me off as she went home. Great store manager. This Stor it location also has a D rating by the bbb. No surprise.

Megan Monk

1 year ago
Our storage unit got broken too. Along with 11 others. all we got from the company. WE DID ARE LOCK CHECKS! NO apologies.Didn't even offed to give us any boxes to repack all of our stuff.

Sean Reid

1 year ago
I was forced to take this outfit to small claims court in Boise to reclaim my security deposit which they illegally kept. The judge ruled in my favor, but I still had to hire a lawyer to get these cheaters to pay up. Don't trust them and don't give them your business. I would give them zero stars if this rating system allowed it.
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Karen H.

4 years ago
We've stored things there several different times and had a great experience. Staff helpful and spaces were clean
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Storage Facility Amenities8 Amenities

  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Business Center
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Truck Rental
  • 24 Hour Access
  • RV, Car, Boat