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Extra Storage

2797 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA, 95050

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - SAT9am - 6pm
  • SUN10am - 5pm
Gate Hours Now Closed
  • MON - SAT7am - 6:45pm
  • SUN7am - 5:45pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Aaron N.

2 years ago
Love this place. Shannon and the staff will have you laughing, and the entire transaction was professional and smooth. This is my second time renting a space from them and they are fantastic. Their rates are great too!

VSwayFit VanessaSweazey

1 year ago
Very professional and friendly! Best price and service ever.

Yesenia Lira

1 year ago
Fabulous customer service, Cindy is the BEST. She saved us $60 a month. Would totally recommended this place.

Steve Vinciale

1 year ago
Great facility. Very helpful and friendly staff!

Venetia Bass

2 years ago
Very professional... Patricia and Manny were awesome... Helped us with all our needs thank you so much... Would recommend to all my friends...

Storage Auctions

1 year ago

Naba Chinde

1 year ago
Great staff

Trevor Picard

1 year ago

Michael Whalen

2 years ago
Only needed one month and was in and out no problem. Nice, helpful people as well.

Tony Arnone

1 year ago
Very clean place to store your extra stuff.

Roger Rezaenouri

1 year ago
Am storage renter for few years as I moved around, the people there make it very easy, thanks a million

Robin Calhoun

1 year ago
The couple that is charge here is fantastic i have had my storage here fir a few years very nice place safe clean and like i said nice staff

Kimber Rawlings

11 months ago
The nicest people run this facility. I will never rent any where else. Very clean and well maintained.

Sean Gugler

9 months ago
Been a loyal customer for over a decade. Clean facilities, self serve gate hours, variety of unit sizes, some indoors. Reasonable rates, awesome friendly staff.

Lisa Irwin

7 months ago
Great place store your stuff! Very clean safe and the people are so awesome and nice!

Mike Billy

6 months ago
Best deals in town hands down the visit extra storage if you want a great deal

Mark Hoyle

6 months ago
Shannon and Jason are absolutely the best. They will ensure that you are well taken care of. My wife " Roberta " and I simply adore them. We have had our belongings stored here for at least 6 yrs. They are the best. They go above and beyond to make sure that you will be at ease. I think integrity is an appropriate word describing them and how they run the Storage location. It has / is a pleasure to know we are in good hands all the time. If you like genuine, caring and of course good humored people, well you found the right facility.

Phil Bigelow

5 months ago
These guys and gals here are very good at customer service and do a great job. I've always had a great experience with them. I would recommend them for your storage needs without hesitation.

Izecho Zenobia

5 months ago
Everyone who works here is upbeat & friendly. Very understanding and willing to work with you and your financial situation.

Alex Shafer

2 months ago
Completely painless experience end-to-end. I'm leaving the area and just recently moved out of here. I went through everything I had stored and it all stayed clean and dry for over 4 years. Everyone was very friendly for the couple of interactions I had. Prices are great and there was only one small increase over my time here. Definitely recommended.

Helena Thiessen

1 month ago
Super friendly and accommodating staff! Great prices, clean and easy to navigate area. I feel secure in leaving my items there. Unfortunately they do not store older cars in the parking spots, although the owner did try working with us to make an exception it was not able to work. We will still continue to use our storage locker there even if unable to store a vehicle at this time.

danilel costa

1 week ago
Friendly staff, clean storage facility, customer service is awesome, and the resident manager Rusty Ragland went above and beyond to help me out if you are looking for a storage place must go here

Osy Okakpu

7 months ago
On 12/16/2017, I called and left a voice mail for someone to call me because I was going out of town and wanted to make my monthly payment. Shannon called returned my call but I was not available to take the call so she left me a voice mail. I called back couple of times but no one picked it. Finally, I left another voice mail for some one to call me and no one did. On Sunday, 12/17,I called back and a male voice answered the phone. I told him that I wanted to make my payment which he processed and sent me an email confirmation. Upon accessing my email I found out that they had charged me twice, one at 1:41pm and another at 1:44pm. I checked my account and saw that I was billed twice. I then called the office and no one picked up. I called couple of times and no one picked it. As I was leaving a voice mail for him telling him that I was charged twice, a lady picked up the phone and introduced herself as Katherine. I told her what had happened, she offered no apology but proceeded to tell me that she got my voice mail saying that I was calling to make a payment and went ahead and charged my account. She promised to reverse the second charge. I acknowledged that and then asked her why she would charge my card without my authorization. I told her that I left a very clear and concise message on the voice mail telling them to call me. I never told them to charge my card. I did not sign any automatic payment. I have always called to pay each month. At this point she became very rude, insisted that I asked them to charge my card. I told her that I never did and would like to have her play that voice mail back to me. I asked her why did the second person charge my card when she had already charged it. Didn't she update my account as payed. At this point she got more rude, telling me that I was rude to her and hung up on me without any apology for taking my money without my approval. I drove to the office, met her and another male worker. They asked me to leave the office or they would call the police on me. What nonsense! You take my money without my permission, you bill me twice and you had the nerve to ask me to walk out. I refused to leave the office, insisted that they call the police and that they play my voice mail which she did and to her shame and nasty attitude heard that I never asked them to charge my card. I clearly told them that I was calling to make my payment and would like for someone to call me back. I asked her to call the police but she shamelessly declined after thinking she could threaten me. Let me also state here that she must have been mistaken by my accent to think that she can bully or intimidate me. She was dead wrong!! This is not over yet. I am waiting for Shannon and Jason to return on Tuesday before I decide on what next.

Ali A

9 months ago
Been with these people for a just a few months and theyve just notified me that theyll almost be DOUBLING my monthly rent! Old rent: $92/month New rent with around two weeks notice: ~$165

bernice becker

3 months ago
I would like owner to know I am not confusing your facility with Extra Space Storage. I am not a tenant, but I come here with my friends who have a unit at your facility. I did because Jason and Shannon were fun, sociable people. I witnessed the person you have managing the desk there now treat your customers with a great amount of disrespect. She seems to not care if she offends your customers. There are two incidences that come to mind when she got information messed up on my friend's account. Luckily that was when Jason and Shannon were still there. Shannon fixed the problem. Your new clerk is evidently on a power trip. She said she didn't care if my friends moved out, and even threatened to lock them out, even though my friend said nothing that would warrant such a foolish action. We have receipts, we are paid up, and it is highly advisable that you instruct your clerk on what behavior and actions would result in legal risk and the kind of attention your business doesn't need. You cannot play around with people's things if the storage unit is paid and they have kept their end of the agreement to pay and obide by the rules. This may be a case in your mind of she said she said, one word against another's, but what I am trying to accomplish here is to alert you to behavior that could be detrimental to your business. I am acting as spokesperson for my friends, because they fear that the person you have behind the counter now might find out who they are and do something vendictive, like lock them out even though rent is paid. For this reason, my friends are intending on moving out to be on the safe side. The home teachers in our Church are examining what legal recourses are available should our members get locked out even though rent is paid. We don't want this problem with this new girl of yours. We just want our members to have facilities that are runned by people who don't have issues, be diligent in correcting mistakes on the computer if they are made rather than causing a fiasco that takes days to fix. Thank you for your indulgence in this matter.
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Jenna G.

4 years ago
I have been renting here for 2-3 years. Bottom line: - Good prices - Helpful staff - Easy payment options - Great security The prices are competitive and...
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Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Business Center
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Truck Rental