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Morena Storage

908 Sherman St, San Diego, CA, 92110

Storage Customer Reviews

Stephen Madden

11 months ago
Good hours. Complimentary coffee. Many room sizes. All you could want for storage place.

Thomas Burke

5 months ago
My overall experience was excellent, very professional and timely, thanks to the desk manager and Josh for your help, I'll never wonder where the best option for moving and storage is in San Diego.

Darnell Kramer

8 months ago
I hate storage, but if you have to store stuff this place is IT. Clean all over. Amazing staff. All very kind, very helpful. The service is old world, you are not storing stuff here, you are a guest in their house.

Andrea Graves

11 months ago
Excellent customer service offered here! They give you a cold water bottle right when you walk in, the strong men who work there help you to put your stuff into/take your stuff out of your storage unit, AND you get a free moving truck and helper when you first rent a unit (a free service that you can use whenever you want, doesn't have to be right away), PLUS the helper helps you place and organize your things into your unit. Very helpful & courteous men there, very high security, very well maintained, and easy to access the units by using the freight elevators and dolleys & carts provided free to the customers. Highly recommended!

Charles Ringdahl

6 months ago
I like this storage. Easy access

mike lansinger

7 months ago
Great service. Plus free moving truck when you move in

Jason Taylor

4 months ago
Friendly staff, very helpful and professional. They also have fresh cookies.

Morris Murray

2 months ago
Good rates great service and awesome people

Christine E

3 weeks ago
Love this place...I've been here 5 yrs. Ezra is my #1 person in here. I adore him....cleanest storage place you will ever find. Owner is such a sweet man.

Nicole Galligan

2 weeks ago
Incredible place. Super nice and helpful staff, impeccably kept--would highly recommend this storage facility!!!

Bruce Seamont

10 months ago
With the numerous positive attributes listed for Morena Storage, I was eagerly anticipating being able to do business there. Unfortunately I don't know if David is a new employee or Morena and parent corporation have changed their polies; DAVID'S ENTIRE PURPOSE FOR BEING EMPLOYED THERE SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN TO MAKE SURE NO-ONE IS EVER ALLOWED TO RENT THERE, TO THE POINT OF SMILING RATHER SNIDELY WEHILE MAKING A DIRECT REFFERAL TO A CLOSE LOCAL COMPETIOR! Repeatedly things like, courteous, polite, knowledgeable, patient, through are listed in the reviews, DAVID WAS NOT ANY OF THESE!!! Joyra and Ertza were great and easy to get along with which makes me question's David's crude, belligerent attitude. Be Warned and leery try your best to work with one of the more harmonious employees it will be worth your effort.

Ruachelle _is_me

4 months ago
Owners are the only problem with this location but it makes you dislike the place with more and more with time. If you are getting a storage for under 1 year then this is great option but if you need long term storage I recommend a place that does not raise the fees every year. They said by saying price is garunteed 1 years is the same as telling you that your rate is garunteed to go up every year. Plus if you want to downsize owners will not allow any of the special promotions because your already a customer. Ownership does not care about long term happiness of their customers. It is a Clean location, amazing customer service from the people always there working that are willing to help you move things (only the owners are rude to customers)
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Tony W.

7 months ago
The general manager was absolutely amazing. Showing us all the different sizes of storage units that they have. It even told us about how they have people...
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