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Storage Customer Reviews

A Google User

7 years ago
Not sure about the other review... I have been a tenant here for 7 and a half years and have never had any problems. (Well not too many) The managers have changed a few times while I have been here, but that is okay. It hasn't really affected me or my wife (who comes in as well). We had rat bait put in our unit, had it replaced a few times, but never found dead mice or anything like that. (?) The new managers are friendly, and very professional. A sharp, young couple, definitely on top of things. The managers before them are the ones we didn't really care for. The man was always really rude and the office always smelled like smoke. The girl was soft spoken (from what I could tell), but she seemed to be quite nice. I actually vacated because of the way we were treated. We ended up renting across the street at another storage facility. We stopped by recently to see if we might be able to come back (due to the place across the street raising our rent) and there was a new couple working there. They have righted any wrong that was done previously. They have been nothing but friendly and again, very professional. The managers before just didn't seem to "want" us to be there. We got tired of feeling like an inconvenience. If you are a shopping around, use your best judgment. Go in, talk to the managers, they will even take you around the lot, and show you different unit sizes, etc. Haven't ever had any problems with our code or the gate not working. Ask lots of questions, and see for yourself what is the truth about this facility. :)

A Google User

6 years ago
Obviously these guys must be talking about another self storage company. I've never had any problems with my storage unit nor with their management team. My storage space has always been very clean and no I've never had to use rat bait, nor had to worry about leaky roofs. The units and grounds are always very well maintained. If there was a problem with the security cameras it was again, obviously very short lived and quickly taken care of as I've never seen any issues in that area myself. I love Anthony and Crystal, the managers as they have always been very curteous, professional and always ready and willing to help however they can. I would highly recommend this mini storage company to anyone.

Nesa Sanchez

2 years ago

Laura Aguilar

1 year ago


1 year ago
Melissa is the best. Very friendly and helpful. Best customer service ive received in a long time. Great employee. Satisfied customer

Marilyn Ramirez

1 year ago
Love them! Great Customer Service!

Andrew Bowden

1 year ago
Very helpful very respectful very low cost

Robert Torell

11 months ago
Not really special place but the people that were there were helpful and explained everything

Lonnie Jordan

3 months ago
Recently moved from one other Trojan facility in AZ to this one after being relocated to Northern CA for work and really enjoy the transition. GREAT prices compared to big storage chains in the area. No rent raises at all so far ........ PUBLIC raised my rent within 3 months of being there!! All around great experience and will be here a long time. Thanks Trojan

lex luthor

4 months ago
In a bad neighborhood but good security and nice people

Cynthia Neal

1 year ago
The only problem is with being upstairs very limited access no elevator and a 30 min time limit

Mr.Christopher David

8 months ago
Under construction. New rules after move in not explained previously. Limited access.

Manny Likherton

1 year ago
I missed a couple of payments and I was informed that my unit had a lean on it, when I went in to pay my balance the employee informed me that they had cut my lock off took pictures for their inventory and put their lock on. When I went to get some of my belongings, my valuables were gone and my unit was trashed. I don't trust this new company and I don't recommend it either.

John Jones

1 year ago
Date: November 2016 The previous reviews from 2-5 years ago are not for TROJAN STORAGE but for LOCK N LOAD storage ON FLORIN ROAD LOCATED IN SACRAMENTO, CA which is now out of business AS OF JULY/2016 BECAUSE IT HAS recently been BOUGHT and NOW OWNED by TROJAN STORAGE. THIS REVIEW IS FOR TROJAN STORAGE(new owner as of JULY 2016): I do not and would never recommend trojan storage, not any of them in the sacramento and greater Sacramento, ca area. Horrible people and staff, your items will not be safe with them. Why can't i give zero or negstive stars. They do not even deserve a star. I waited after i vacated to do a review because ifear my items would be jeopardize and that they would try to illegally come after me for money. Trojan storage on florin Road is garbage. I have been happy with the service and kindness of the staff with the previous owner(Lock n Load) of this storage facility for years and trojan recently bought and now own the storage facility. These New owners never gave notice of new ownership and their transitioning of updating/remodeling of storage units and facility. At first i thought it was an honest mistake such as when they mess up your address so they can force you to sign up for a new lease with them as it was done to me and several other tenants i talked with. They are scum, kristy and richard constantly lie and back each other up saying they gave you notice via mail and phone call about cutting your locks to install new doors for all storage units and allowing you to be present. They never did any of those except cut your locks and replace the doors as they please without your knowledge or consent. They also never apologized for their errors and get more angry at tenants who are unhappy with their lack of responsiveness and unwillingness to take responsibility to make things right for these "mistakes". I heard and saw people complain about how they came to find out their units were without locks for several days and were not notified nor given new locks. I even saw first hand several tenants come into the office or talking by their units to each other while cleaning or moving out because their locks were replaced and they were never given any notice ahead of time about replacing doors and locks. So, just Imagine your items basically free to take because the staff illegally cut your locks and left it unlocked for days or coming to your unit to find out the lock on your door isn't even yours and its been replaced. The staff is all over the place but kristy(states she is the manager) and richard(assistant manager) are the ones i always spoke and dealt with because no one else was there and they refuse to let me speak with anyone else. Kiristy and Richard are horrible and deserve to be fired because they make excuses and always blame the tenants of the units; both kristy and richard enjoy being irresponsible and disgusting with their actions. No wonder i saw so many tenants leaving(i thought it was only me who had to deal with them being like that). I left as well after giving them chances because i really wanted to believe it was a honest mistake(s) on their part, but finally I was fed up with them after 3 months(2 months but i had to give 30day notice) hearing other tenants stories. but it was really because I grew tired of kristy and richard being constantly rude, no accountability, not giving notice/calls of things being done with remodeling and replacing my lock without telling me and acting in such childish behaviors and blaming it on mistakes and right before i vacted blaming it all on me, a tenant. I definitely believe the review from the person who wrote a review two weeks ago, as I have definitely had to deal and encountered these disgusting trojan staff members. Do not store your items with them, they will not be safe. Save yourself a headache and money

shardon smith

1 year ago
Does not answer their phones. Set up online payments reoccurring and I guess they changed services and my payments stopped. Now I am 2 months behind over 100.00 in late fees. This is a horrible company. Do not use this place. If you are military do not use them. Lock and Load storage was military friendly they are not. Tried to pay my bill online I cant over the phone I cant. I don't get off work until after they close. They are horrible customer service.

Amber Willis

1 year ago
I'm only giving 1 star because Negative 25 stars wasn't available! This place is horrible! They will try to steal from you anyway they can with fees they are trying to charge me with Past Due fees when they don't answer the phone so I can make my payment how I normally do! Told an employee I've been trying to contact them for over 2 wks and I'm constantly getting their voicemail and busy call messages and his response is that isn't his job to answer the phones so I can make my payment! Who the he'll taught these people customer service!

Juan Orozco

1 year ago
I guarantee you the price will go up every 3 months.

Jourdan Strand

11 months ago
This place doesnt even deserve one star! This establishment is horrible, they do not understand nor extend customer service, they do no communicate with their customers. They hire a new person every week and start calling them a manager, absolutely no consistency. Trojan has got to be the worst storage unit in Sacramento. I thought they would be good because they were a chain business but I was WRONG. Finally closed out the storage unit for good today and will NEVER be using this business again.

Kellee Evelyn Jarvis

11 months ago
In February They didn't inform me that the $40/month I was paying would increase after 6 months. Prior to signing my lease I didn't know I'd be paying $70/month, especially for such a small unit. So in JULY... (which is only 5 months after I initially signed my lease in February) I already paid the $40 payment as normal. But unknowingly my monthly payment amount increased. I was totally unaware and they put a lien on my storage unit until I paid the remaining amount of $30+$60 to remove the lien, + another $15 for a new round padlock because they cut off my original lock after they put a lien on my unit. NONE of it should have been my fault. Due to the fact that I hadn't received ANY prior notice via EMAIL, PHONE CALL, TEXT, PAPER MAIL, FAX, etc. of a monthly fee increase... Which was supposed to begin in August not July if I'm not mistaken. On top of that they wouldn't let me pay with my debit card they demanded that I pay with cash in order to remove my storage unit from Their lien list...
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Natasha Q.

1 year ago
Staff is very friendly. Property is always clean. I've dealt with other storage units before and Trojan is by far the best in all aspects! Price, service,...

Shane A.

4 months ago
This storage is not in the greatest area...but the staff and pricing make it worth it. Both of the staff there are really professional and really help out...

Lori L.

1 year ago
When they inform you "there is no such ting as prorating" monthly fees. What that really means is if your check in is any time other than the 1ST of the...

Anonymous S.

1 year ago
I do not and would never recommend trojan storage, not any of them in the sacramento and greater Sacramento, ca area. Horrible people and staff, your items...
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