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Storage Customer Reviews

James Irby

8 months ago
I was totally impressed with the professionalism of your employess at this particular location. Your employees made me feel like I am somebody, not just a customer. In todays age, customer service is a lost art,however, your employees are true rock stars!!!!

Elizabeth Cardenas

8 months ago
I had a great experience with storage Mart . They have excellent customer service

Arage Hayes

8 months ago
Came in today to rent a storage and the young lady Tishone was very nice and helpful.

brandon case

8 months ago
StorageMart can easily be summed up as a clean, economic and friendly facility. I shopped around the Oakland area, and chose StorageMart for these main reasons.

Joan Parazette

2 years ago
i have stored at both oakland and concord locations; affordable and safe, this company does more than just store one's goods. i came with problems and they solved them with understanding and kindness, from the manager to the desk clerk.

Parag Nene

2 years ago
I had a favorable experience with this StorageMart location. The facility is clean and well maintained. The prices are reasonable and the staff are very helpful. In particular, I found Tishone and Malik to be especially accommodating on my move date. I would highly recommend this location.

Jasmine Howell

1 year ago
Exceptional service! As a patron it is important to me that I have a pleasant personal experience... My money is important and where I spend it should be where I feel I am not respected by the dollar amount in my bank account. Yes this is just a public storage company; however, I was greeted warmly, with eye contact and a friendly genuine smile. I was actually surprised at the level of attention I was given... As I was there taking my sister to get a unite, Tishone, the manager, helped her in a prompt manner as I was entertained by their general manager... Like a guest in someones home... We were too late to move her belongings in on this occasion yet the following day we needed a little extra time to unload and they accommodated us by staying open a little later to finish unpacking. I would definitely recommend this business!

Matthew Graves

2 years ago
StorgeMart is a convenient, clean , secure environment with a friendly and very helpful staff. My church and some of our member use the facility which has a variety of storage bin sizes and prices that are very affordable. I highly recommend them.

Troy Palafox

8 months ago
Tishone is a great help with assisting customers..

Gloria Maxx

2 years ago
My story before Storage Mart in Oakland California: ( my best Storage Mart experience yet!) ! am a 3 year customer of Storage Mart Canada, and for many reasons I love Storage Mart. My belongings are secure, the sites are safe and clean and caring for the customer comes down from the top. Honesty, integrity and care for the customer starts at the top with this company. The upper management has always supported my non-profit childhood obesity initiative and my "stuff" is all in storage, as I have become somewhat of a global citizen with my project. When I came to California to work on my project for months at a time I needed storage and immediately looked up Storage Mart! Well.. I am situated in Mill Valley and the closest Storage Mart is in Oakland. ( a 30 minute drive WITHOUT the traffic) . Everyone told me NOT to go to Oakland for Storage, but I did not listen because to me .... I felt a little bit like going home. I trust Storage MArt 100% and chose the drive to bring my "stuff" to Storage Mart. Tishone is an amazingly efficient manager - every time i see her she is in a great mood, happy to be at work and truly loving her job and making sure her site is amazing and her customers are happy. She treats her team with respect in a very obvious way. Loved my experiences at 2450 Mandela Pkwy ... Eden, Malik and Naneal are all amazing and I am grateful to have my "home away from home" in CA at Storage Mart - Oakland!

The real Shemmekea Rainey

7 months ago
I went to the storage Mart Only to shop for prices on a unit But after the great customer service i received I went along with them. There was one person that stands out in this place and her name is Tishone, she was so pleasant and kept a smile o her face through out the whole process. I believe that is what C.S should look like . keep up the great work

Glenda Smith

1 year ago
The prices are great. The hours suck...The older units have no lighting very hard to manage your items cause its too dark. The staff is great always helpful.

Gheorghe Tarlev

6 months ago
It's OK just sucks with the elevator situation

Ashea Fuller

5 months ago
Convenient, clean, secure, clear cut storage. No 24/7 access to units - business hours only. Customer service is thorough, but if you're inside the storage unit area, they may not respond to the call box button; going into the office resolves the issue when this happens. They conveniently provide heavy duty carts. My unit is on a floor that's complicated to get to, if not using the freight elevator though, and navigating the halls with the big carts can be tough. I don't know typical storage pricing, but it feels high (to be fair, I'm a student and single mom - might be affordable to those with more income).

Sean Sullivan

1 year ago
I am really disappointed by the declining service here. It is close to my house but I certainly can not get here after work. It closes at 5 and man are they serious about it, making announcements at 4:30 pm. I also believe you were open until 6 pm on Saturday but have reduced that to 5 pm. I am very upset that Sunday hours are now being eliminated. I moved on a Sunday, I would not be able to do that now. This place is super busy on the weekend. I think this is incredibly shortsighted to close on the weekend. Close on a low use week-day but the weekend. Increase hours into the evening! I feel like this is set up around a 9-5 corporate business as opposed to the real way people who need access to storage units live there lives. If there isn't a change towards the consumer in the next few months, I will definitely be closing my unit and moving to ExtraSpace.

Elizabeth Renew

11 months ago
So expensive! and rickety, like they just built half the units out of plywood while drinking. Some of the walls don't go all the way up to the ceiling and the door to my unit wouldn't even open all the way.

Nate Penn

1 year ago
Their hours are very unaccommodating, especially if you work during the week. I'm pretty sure this place is in violation of multiple building codes, it feels like everything is about to break, including the elevators. Everything about this place is hobbled together and I saw a leaking roof being caught by a tarp. There are hardly ever any carts available. The hallways are built to the exact width of the carts making moving loaded carts around the random turns a real challenge and I broke several items due to this. They always seem to be out to lunch when they are open so forget about getting help. To top it all off it isn't the safest area so be sure to lock your vehicle up and don't leave things unattended. Would give it one star, but it was very affordable.

Lisa Eirstedt

1 month ago
Terrible place for storage over priced inconvenient unloading and loading area the elevator lifts are terrible the customer service is terrible it has been a nightmare since day 1.The billing date is not customer friendly it rained inside my unit made a claim never heard back from anyone.They dont care poor customer service poor quality building u have to climb up several levels of stairs to get to your unit.Elevators dont reach your level its just a total nightmare there

Mary Maroon

6 days ago
It appears 0 stars cannot be given. The customer service was alright and I expected to have to climb stairs & have weird parking. What I didn't expect was for things to be taken from my unit. I took 8 boxes in and when I returned a month later only 3 boxes were in my unit. I wish we could blame it on a late payment but the truth is everything was paid in full and up to date. Please consider an alternative before becoming a customer.
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Jasmine H.

9 months ago
Friendly, speedy staff! I took a little longer moving in than expected... But the assistant allowed me extra time even though they were getting ready to...
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