• Small View
    5 SIZES FROM: 79
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    • 5' x 5' Unit Standard

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      79 89.00
      5.00 X 5.00 Ground Level Access
    • 5' x 10' Unit Economy

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      89 99.00
      10.00 X 5.00 Ground Level Access
    • 5' x 10' Unit Standard

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      109 119.00
      10.00 X 5.00 Drive Up Access
    • 6' x 10' Unit Standard

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      179 189.00
      10.00 X 6.00 Drive Up Access
    • 5' x 15' Unit Standard

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      159 169.00
      15.00 X 5.00 Ground Level Access
  • Medium View
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    • 10' x 10' Unit Economy

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      199 209.00
      10.00 X 10.00 Ground Level Access
    • 10' x 10' Unit Standard

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      209 219.00
      10.00 X 10.00 Drive Up Access
    • 10' x 15' Unit Standard

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      279 289.00
      15.00 X 10.00 Drive Up Access
  • Large View
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    • 10' x 20' Unit Standard

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      329 339.00
      20.00 X 10.00 Drive Up Access
  • Extra Large View
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    • 10' x 30' Unit Standard

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      399 409.00
      30.00 X 10.00 Drive Up Access
  • Parking View
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    • 10' x 12' Unit Standard

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      170 180.00
      10.00 X 12.00 Parking
    • 10' x 20' Unit Standard

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      150 160.00
      20.00 X 10.00 Parking
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Safe Storage

2783 E 12th Street, Oakland, CA, 94601

Office Hours Now Open
  • MON - FRI9:30am - 6pm
  • SAT, SUN9am - 4pm
Gate Hours Now Open
  • Daily7am - 7pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Berry Mason

1 year ago
Very good service and courteous,professional staff. Storage space (s) fit my needs just as I requested.. Thank You very much!!

Adam Clay

1 year ago
In a moment of desperation, I needed a storage area and the first few places I looked, you had to go up an elevator and down a hall. Prices were high and if you lagged for a second, the space you looked at got gobbled up and you were screwed. Not so with Safe Storage. Safe Storage is in an ideal central location, whether you are in Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro -what-have-you. All storage units are on ground level, allowing drive-up, load and unload so incredibly convenient. The price is standard, if not better. And in getting my unit, the woman quickly locked up the office, got me in a golf cart and showed me the space so I knew what I was getting into. Then she was quickly back to the office and resumed her tasks as if it was nothing. I was very impressed. There have been a few times where there have been altercations in the office. Each time, it is blatantly obvious that the client is being scandalous and the staff is still being reputable. Whoever started this foundation knew how to lay it out and the staff here know how to operate it. Thanks a million times.

Ps OxOx Gem

1 year ago
I have a storage space at the 12th St Oakland location & have experienced the WORST customer service ever for the past 2 months, & she was the "store" manager. Gladly her manager called me back promptly & rectified the unnecessary situation, which I genuinely appreciated. I would dwell into my unwanted experience, but life is too short. I've had my storage space there for over 7 years & never experienced bad customer service before, so when this situation arose & was quickly resolved, it convinced me that most times its the employee & not the company.

Walter Worth

1 year ago
I have been a customer for over seven years and I have had nothing less than excellent customer service.


3 years ago
AVOID THIS PLACE FOR YOUR STORAGE NEEDS!!! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEY ARE THIEVES!! I have been dealing with this place since September of 2013 to get a refund that is owed to me.Every employee that works there knows I deserve a refund but the MANAGER refuses to do it!! Basically, I've been told that my calls will NOT be returned and that I will NOT get a refund! So here's my story; blow by blow. I tried, on numerous occasions (since 9/15/13 for $100 and since 11/02/2013 for over charges of $150) to settle this matter of which a $250.00 refund is now due to me. I moved out of my space on September 14, 2013. I had a discussion with their former property manager, Randall Whitney, about two things: 1. Giving me credit or partial credit for the month of September (I did not agree that a full charge for the month was fair.) 2. The fact that before I moved in, I was initially only renting a truck from Safe Storage to move my belongings into a competing storage facility. Their rep convinced me to move into the facility at $60 per month; just $2 more than where I was going. 30 days after I moved into my unit at $60 my fee was raised to $75!! Randall apologized and said it was a clerical error; they did not mean to raise the fee on renters who just moved in. Mr. Whitney agreed to review my case and would give me a call with his decision. On October 2, 2013, Randall left me a voicemail stating that Safe Storage would be sending me a refund check of $100.00 (credit for September in addition to credit for raising my storage fee 30 days after I moved in.) I have a voicemail as proof to what he agreed to do on behalf of Safe Storage. On October 1 and November 1, 2013, as I was waiting for a refund check that never arrived, I was subsequently charged $75 each month for a total of $150.00. This is AFTER moving out September 14, 2013!! I called Safe Storage after each charge to have it reversed only to be told that was impossible because I wasn't in the system. I have line item copies of my credit card statements to prove the fact. After the November charge, I took time off from work, that same week, to physically come down to the facility to have all charges reversed and to have my refund check issued. When I arrived, I was surprised to hear that Randall no longer worked there and, as I already knew, I was STILL in the system being charged on a monthly basis! I discussed the matter with the new property manager (I believe her name is Chrissy), who assured me that the matter would be handled. The new property manager has not handled it! In fact the new manager has ignored all of my calls (a little more than 15 calls.) Now November has passed, December has passed, and now January. The last call was the last straw. An employee told me that the manager told her to tell me that she was NOT going to call me back and that I was NOT getting a refund.

Edward ChoiceSr

5 months ago
There new polices suck... suggest you make sure to read the fine print on the rental contract.
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Theresia D.

2 years ago
I visited the store on 7/22 to get a unit. Before signing any paperwork I was offered to view the unit by themail manager Hassan. The information was all...
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Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Se Habla Espanol
  • RV, Car, Boat