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Stor-It Self Storage

4068 Del Rey Ave, Marina del Rey, CA, 90292

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  • MON - SAT9am - 6pm
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  • MON - SAT7am - 6:45pm
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Storage Customer Reviews

Thatcher Michelsen

2 years ago
I'm happy with this place. They have a great box truck for free, the rates are great and I've been happy with the customer service.

Vance Wallace

2 years ago
Definitely worked for me - good rates.

idrees anjum

1 year ago
Great place

A Google User

6 years ago
Wendy & her husband are Always - always kind and go the extra distance to assist any of our needs or changes. Using their storage facilities for years, they are always clean, easy access, safe, along with the most Reasonable PRICES. I m so glad I found Stor-It Self Storage of Marina Del Rey, after trying many others. Bonnie Minkin

A Google User

6 years ago
Friendly, Helpful Husband and Wife on Premises; well-maintained; competitive rates. What's not to like?

ron banks

11 months ago
my experience with self storage was every enjoyable , they do great business

Ramak J. Sedigh

6 months ago
Great customer service. Thx

Sabrina Carlson

6 months ago
Great staff, very friendly and informative! The location is super easy to access, the locker size I rented was spacious and for a great price, I am happy I chose this place!

William Thompson

4 months ago
I would recommend this place to anyone who actually wants to have a safe, friendly atmosphere. They offer you a one time truck you can use for free!!! I asked why? They said incase you have a little left.... Which we did. Easy sign up and a discount of 50% off the 1st and second moth!!. Self storage wanted wanted $540.00 for the 10x10, To just get in... "same unit size" Stor-it Self Storage cost me $160.00 to move in $130.00 the next month, then the 3rd month was my unit cost. To top it off you get a golf cart ride to the unit. Good Price, Excellent service and would recommend this place to anyone. Bill T

Preston Wyatt

4 months ago
Clean..clean..great service and value.

Thomas Nishi

6 years ago
Friendly and professional service. Good rates, Recommend checking this facility if there is a need for storage. Tom.

Darlene Adams

1 month ago
Upside:Free truck with rental plus 1st month $21.00 Downside: unless you're on bottom floor you are screwed- There is a freight elevator for your stuff(and it is s l o w) You have to take the stairs Not fun !

andrea bradshaw

2 years ago
Expensive and price goes up a few times a year.

E. Ramos-Jones

2 months ago
Customer service is not so great. They don't provide trash cans to throw away anything if you have anything to throw away. And they did not allow me to use an extension cord 2 use a vacuum to use Space Bags when I was organizing my storage unit. I thought that was really odd did not like it. My stuff is already there and organized so I won't be moving just because I don't want to deal with the hassle of moving everything to another storage unit. But if you like friendly service and convenient service and helpful staff this is not really the place for you. But it is clean and prices are okay that's why I'm giving it to Stars. Also I didn't really life that there was a lot of homeless people that seem to use that storage.

Robert Powers

1 year ago
RATS WILL DESTROY YOUR THINGS. Beware! I left a picture of the damage. Please contact me on Yelp if you have shared this experience. I rented for 14 months and I payed over 1300 dollars for the pleasure of now being forced to deal with this whole situation in a week unless I want to pay for another month. They hiked the rent up 60% last month, so it's not like I needed an invitation to get out, but it takes a long time to handle a situation like this correctly. Rodent waste in this amount is a biohazard situation to be handled by professionals. Do not think rats would terrorize one unit and leave the rest alone! Your things will all be like mine are now: covered in feces, stained with urine, gnashed apart, and utterly garbage. I called Kim at the office and she reminded me that every tenant signs their life away in the lease. I am hoping more will read this and contact me. The truth is, the company is negligent, and no one expects this to happen to their property when they rent a storage unit.

Mike Barzman

4 years ago
This storage facility is TERRIBLE to its customers. If you want to be treated like a sub human, then I suggest you deal with them. The manager Wendy rented me a room and gave me the company truck to use for my move. I went in on monday, and the assistant girl who works there didn't want to let me use the truck, They then claimed that we used the truck over time (we didn't). They made this claim based on the fact that the transaction receipt from our bank showed east coast time. So once they admitted that we went over time, they still managed to charge my credit card an additional $40. After storing AND working in the storage business, this is one of the worst facilities I have encountered. I was immediately made to feel not welcome there and I need to now move my things out of there. STAY AWAY!

Moran Chris

1 year ago
HOW BAD IS THIS PLACE? I walked into the building where my storage unit was located to music blasting; thought to myself, that's cool I could listen to some music while cleaning. Came around the corner to see a homeless man hammered, not only with a beer in hand, but every water bottle holder on his bicycle ready for the next 3 rounds of 24oz beers. It was 10am.. I didn't spend much time in my unit that day, about 30 minutes; but the whole time I was cleaning mine out, this man was just hanging out in the hallway standing in front of a unit three down from mine. Don't get me wrong, I like to party, and I'm sure I've had plenty of beers before noon. Here's the catch - When I went down to management to explain the situation, the manager Preston looks up, goes, "I wish I had a beer". I should have moved out then. This last time I visited my unit, yup, just like all the other reviews on here, RAT urine. I moved out immediately yesterday 4/24/17. Of course I had paid the month in advance, and without giving a 10 day notice the management refused to pro-rate the 3 nights my belongings were in storage. I paid a whole month's rent for three nights. Ultimately is priceless considering I don't have to worry about my stuff anymore..

Melissa Gonzalez

1 year ago
This place has its good and bad employees. The ladies at the front desk are amazing and so caring when it comes to their clients, i give them a 5 star rating. As for their so called manager "jose" I got a few not so nice words for him, he's the most disrespectful, axxhxxx there is. I went to their because i was helping an elderly man move a few things to his storage unit, they close today at 5pm since its Sunday( 4/30/17) it was 4:40 and he comes and Lets us know he will he needing the cart they have available back, so me and my husband are trying to put as much heavy stuff as we can since it was gonna be our last trip. So this guy Jose came from downstairs as we are barley going threw the door with all these heavy boxes and metal cabnites and he literally stopped us and said "I need the cart back", so my husband tells him just let me take this load upstairs and I'll take it back to you, this fxxxxx says no I need the cart back now I told you I needed the cart back at 5. So we look at the time and its 4:59pm and my husband says i still got a minute we over packed since its gonna be our last trip. And this nice man says I need the cart back. So at this point I'm mad and tell him, what ? Do you really expect us to drop all this and give you the cart. And he had the nerve to tell me YES!!! I was so shocked that a supposed manager was so rude and disrespectful, my husband wanted to really knock him out but instead politely told him to fuck off and gave him his stupid cart back. So my husband and I are their pulling these heavy boxes, metal cabinets threw the hall to the elevator to the 3rd floor. I would never recommend this place to anyone as long as that "manager" is still employed there.

Mar. WorldPeace

1 year ago
The manager was on vacation but the employees looked at me and questioned me, like I didn't rent from them. They followed me around and made me feel uncomfortable.

Judy Hill

4 months ago
After reading the other reviews about rat infestation in this storage facility, I came to the conclusion I was fortunate not to rent a unit there. Over the weekend, I discovered the Keystone cop attitude of the management and that they do not even know their own inventory. When I asked about the special for the 3 by 3 unit, I was told they did not know if the unit was on the top or bottom. When I persisted in wanting to know if a lower unit was available, the husband said he was pissed because he would have to go out in the rain. I made the huge mistake of going back today thinking they would be in a better mood but found more combative behavior from the staff. The special they offered last weekend was off the table today. Instead I opted for a half off for first two months offer. A Hispanic guy came to show me the units and when I asked.if he could help with my heavy bags, he refused saying he was afraid he would hurt himself. We went to a freight elevator where you have to load your stuff on the platform, walk up a flight of stairs and retrieve your stuff. The receptionist said there were four units available that were gone when I got back.to the office. Mr. Charm came in looking much better after a shower and informed me he would not rent to me because I accused his wife of not knowing the inventory which was true and that he would tolerate an attitude. All I was expecting was good customer service and a good product. Unfortunately Stor It failed on both accounts but I saved my.personal belongings from the urime, biohazards and damage you get from rat infestation.

Taylor Freeman

3 months ago
Worst customer service Ive ever experienced.

Heinz Schulmeister

2 months ago
would not recommend this to anyone. Made a request for a reasonable change and got a notice to vacate...these people dont want your business. If there was a no star option I would give that.
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Nate D.

1 year ago
Really great and personal service from Kim and Preston while my wife and I went in and out of multiple houses and at least three storage units. We had...
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