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      5' x 5' Unit Standard Closet too small? Put away old clothes, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 10' Unit Standard Store about two full rooms of furniture, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 15' Unit Standard Small school? Store band equipment, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 20' Unit Standard Love big antiques? Storage does too!, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 25' Unit Standard In a band? Store all touring equipment, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 30' Unit Standard Protect your vintage car, store inside, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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Central Self Storage

5733 Pacheco Boulevard, Concord, CA 94553

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - FRI10am - 6pm
  • SAT8am - 4pm
  • SUN10am - 2pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Jay Masunaga

2 years ago
The manager Tanya is great. Their prices are competitive. They also have climate controlled units which are great if you have to store stuff in the hot summers here.

jessica raymond

1 year ago
Best storage around.

Britt Jeppesen

10 months ago
I was assisted with my transaction by Rose, Assistant Manager of the Pacheco Self Storage, one of the best management personnel I have ever encountered. She was extremely helpful and courteous and also very knowledgeable about the process.

Daniel Cardenas

9 months ago
Very clean, well maintained and well monitored facilities.

Andrea Ashinhurst

2 years ago
Very friendly and clean

Rick Gallo

1 year ago
Very clean. Easy to rent. No break-ins. Not always open during office hours (it's 10:05am but still closed). Also, during daylight savings time, their system needs a day to adjust. For example: gates close at 7 but in the fall they close at 6pm. In the spring, gates open at 7 but really open at 8am. Rents go up after six months. Online service is about a 3. Call center is 3 also. But switching payment cards in person is a snap! Swipe and go.

Phillip Duncan

1 year ago
Kinda expensive

James Lee

10 months ago
Prices have gone up dramatically, great staff though.

jane braun

2 months ago
So glad to finally be out of this storage. The price never stops increasing to making too expensive. They do not cut you a break for any reason, and force insurance upon you which is not right at all. Most of the units are not climate controlled and some items melted and were damaged by the heat. For that expensive insurance, perhaps I have a claim to submit. I wished I had moved out sooner for all around better storage than this. Also they don't allow access to their bathroom when staff is not there. Had to abandon my valuables to get down the street for a restroom on more than one occasion!

James Burrough

1 year ago
Manager is great. Owners are horrible and insanely greedy and overcharge. Rent has increased 5 times in less than.two years. if late, you will incur a late fee, then four days later a pre-lien fee, then shortly after again a lien fee. This guy kills his tenants with fees. I e been here five years and my rent has now doubled in just a year and a half. They are also allowing major scumbags to roam the facility. If you have a unit, sit out front and watch as people wait for the gate to open and just go in. No security, nothing. Expensive and overpriced.

Lisa Sims

5 years ago
The Hotel California of Self-Storage: You can move in but you can never leave! Vacating: ZERO Stars. After not receiving acknowledgement of my Intent to Vacate form (per their instructions) I had to call three times and was promised a call back each time - my calls were never returned. Finally, I obtained a one sentence email from the manager saying they had received my letter. Fast forward more than a month and then I get a "you haven't paid rent" notice. After repeated calls it turns out that it's as if I never initially sent in my letter or called them. Tenancy: TWO Stars. After months of prompt payment I received a "you haven't paid in three months and we're going to sue you" letter mid-tenancy. When I called and wrote them I got an email that said "that was sent in error just ignore it". Move In: THREE Stars. The on-site staff was helpful when I moved in and the facilities were clean.

Nancy Rodelander

10 months ago
Wonderful Mgr. hoping she doesn't go to Lafayette.

Natalie Sanchez

3 months ago
Awful storage units and rude employees. Dont put your stuff there, it will get ruined by rats and by bugs and their nests. We had to throw most of our stuff away because of infestation. When we told the management they acted as if they didnt care. They charge a lot of money for any fees or I f you happen to be late on the rent. They charged us at least $200 on top of the rent fee for being late. Then they proceeded to not let us know about our stuff and our whole unit going up for auction. Our whole lives gone from the storage with not so much as a phone call and still to this day havent gotten a return call. Not even from the district storage office. Horrible company and they dont deserve anyones business. Despicable and disgusting.
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Wanugee N.

6 years ago
I have had a storage unit (5x10) here for several years. The good things about this place is: 1. It is near Highway 4 and I-680 2. The units can be...

Mike C.

3 years ago
I have had my storage at this facility for over 10 years and aside from the occasional billing glitch I have been happy. I would have given them 5 stars if...

James B.

2 years ago
I've had two storage units for almost five years now. These guys raise their rates every few months and their rates are outrageous. The only positive...

Jeff F.

3 years ago
This place has rodents!!! We have incurred significant damage to our belongings due to rodents (independently documented) Only store items in containers...

Aintnothin t.

3 years ago
Clean except for mice. Management changes over frequently; some are good some not. Just received notice of yet another rate increase (2nd in less than 3...
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Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • RV, Car, Boat
  • Truck Rental