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      5' x 5' Unit Standard Store heavy blankets over hot months, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 10' Unit Standard Store mattresses and box springs flat, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 15' Unit Standard Two to three bedrooms plus living room, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 20' Unit Standard Plenty of space for a 3 BR dwelling, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 25' Unit Standard Leave aisles between stacks for access, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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      10' x 30' Unit Standard Need a double garage? Get self storage, 24 Hour Cameras, Climate Control
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Central Self Storage

1913 Sherman Street, Alameda, CA, 94501

Office Hours Now Open
  • MON - FRI10am - 6pm
  • SAT8am - 4pm
  • SUN10am - 2pm
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  • Daily7am - 7pm

Storage Customer Reviews

Joseph Blandon

1 year ago
Have had a storage space here for about 4 years the manager is awsome and shes always had an understanding demeanor. Also thr prices are really good and my stuff has always been safe here nevwr had any weather issues affect my stuff or any type of criminal activity

D. Neil Crawford

1 year ago
Very friendly staff and great location (but the can be lots of traffic if you are turning right into the parking lot/entrance). Very clean too.

Maria Love

2 years ago
Super helpful staff. Got me in quickly and easy to deal with when I was done with my unit. Great experience would rent from them again for sure

Darold Henderson

1 year ago
Great people

mary cunningham

7 months ago
Nice clean place and the office ladies are great. Wish it was open later than 7pm

Paloma Farmer

2 days ago
Rented a truck here. The woman on staff was attentive and understanding both on rental and return, she answered all of our questions readily. We had a good experience.

Melissa Stagnaro

1 year ago
Staff is extremely nice, helpful & a pleasure doing business with. I feel better knowing that my stuff is in a safe & secure place. I would definately recommend them.

Jayh Bone

9 months ago
Nice place just very high prices

Joseph Blandon

3 months ago
Have had a storage space here for about 4 years the manager is awsome and shes always had an understanding demeanor. Also thr prices are really good and my stuff has always been safe here nevwr had any weather issues affect my stuff or any type of criminal activity Update: still like this place but the rent keeps going up and kind of considering looking for somewere else to keep my stuff cuz at this rate i wont be able to afford it no more

Johanna Ottervanger

1 year ago
Didn't want to give one star.......I was born in this town and I never thought I would be ripped off by the Mgr or her co-workers and I DON'T LIE..........my Mother passed February of 2012, I had nothing in there worth $1500 total but had nowhere to put Mother's nor my things, so after >4 yrs later I had to remove storage but that was June 7, 2016, I learned shortly thereafter my Mom's antique "pot belly stove" and two fly fishing rods my Grandfather had brought with him from Rotterdam, Holland as a young man. .....we're GONE, I called the Mgr, a Christy, as usual she chose to ignore my call, the calls go to a center out of state, I left my message explaining how upset I was but wanted my items BACK........to date I have not heard from her...........if you're very late she assesses stringent late fees, by the 5th of the month (MY SSA ck arrives to help 3rd, I am alone, no car, she always knew this yet she would hit me again on the 10th of each month and it only gets worse. Bad part is I told her how bad my memory is yet she refused to give me an alert........evil, thief of my life who pretends to be the 'good gal'........WORSE PLACE IN ALAMEDA TO HAVE STORAGE, and I am very serious. .....

Anne Keay Wallace

1 year ago
Look out - over the past 4 years (after being a customer for 10 years) rent has increased over 11% per YEAR! Some on site managers have been great and others not at all helpful. BUT, the increases are absurd (in one case 3 increases in a 6 month period explained as "well we didn't increase your rent previously so now we are catching up, it was an administrative oversight". Buyer beware!

richard matthews

2 years ago
After I gave 30 notice after five years and was broken into during that 30 day period. The office staff prevented the police CSI tech from doing her job. Officer also told me they are here often. A fact I did not know. I am a boat captain and travel a lot.

Joseph Blandon

1 week ago
This storage useto be so koo and the manager was the most understanding person who always kept it real and never houbded anybody but ow that they r under new management this place has become a disaster first off they close at 7 and are located in alameda enough said oh and aparantly their is no grace period now if u dont pay rent on the first they lock up your storage and u arent able to access it till u pay old cut time would be by the 5th and late fees incurred after the 10th if you didnt pay which makes sense also my rent has gone up atleast 5 to 6 times since ive been renting there which is a.common prqctice but theyve gone up rediculously and also this place always got something broken like for some reason ppl seem to always ram the front entrance and back cheaply made which made me question whether my stuff was safe some nights after hearing there was break ins in the past but funny thing is that they dont want to be on storage wars which has been offered to them before because they dont want a bad reputation all I could think was hmmm I wonder why duh its because they know they would be exposed for how they run the place and how faulty they are all I could say is if even if youre desperate to find a storage do not consider this place even as a final option because your stuff wont be safe they only cover up to $2000 of your stuff the new people are rude as f**k and this place has flooded before oh and there is only one freight elevator if your stuff is on the second floor and if u want 24hour or even. Uo 10 oclock access to your stuff not happenin here office closes at 6 and storage at 7 oh but they conveniently have a kiosk outside in front of the office to take your money when its due just incase you d9nt make it before 6 they make sure they get their money. Sorry for the horrible grammar Im at work and super pissed at this place been a loyal tenant since 2014 but they discredit that and treat you like your squatting your stuff there I wont say that Ive always paid on time but best believe Ive never had a late monthly fee that had to accrue for more then the month that was owed in the real world ppl have problems or other priorities that might be more important then their storage or may simply forget to pay some months

Dmitry Orlov

5 days ago
The check in is very slow: I'm waiting in line to up a truck for thirty minutes now, and the reception lady hasn't even served one customer.
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Dwain B.

1 year ago
I've rented from Central Self Storage for four years - just moved to Napa so I don't need the storage any longer. I've always been 100% satisfied with the...
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