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Storage Customer Reviews

71969 71969

1 year ago
I've had a storage unit here for a number of years. My experience has been great. Whenever there was an issue, it was easily solved by the friendly and helpful staff. I would recommend to anyone who needs a storage unit.

Ken Butters

1 year ago
I was John's first contract under Storage Solutions, and I feel that even though it was a chaotic transition for him, he handled it like the pro that he is. He has always referred and greeted me by name, and keeps the facilities clean and secure. Without exception, everything about storing my possessions has been the best experience I have ever had with a storage facility. John is a true loyal and conscientious asset to your company. My deepest gratitude goes to you!

Shannon Shell

2 years ago
Awesome! I hastily moved to the area and was a bit overwhelmed to get my stuff stored quickly and safely. I found Surprise Bargain Storage online and when I called received the best customer service. Once I arrived to make the arrangements to get the truck unloaded I was met, once again, with a friendly, reassuring smile. The paperwork was filled out quickly, the price was beyond fair and once I had the keys to the unit a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Surprise Bargain Storage and am grateful for the warm welcome to the area!

Amanda Cox

2 years ago
This storage exceeded my expectations. I chose here bc of the reviews and 3 months free promotion. I expected a 2 star place for the prices but this is more than 5 star. It is clean and well maintained. The manager who lives on site is very friendly. Brian helped me pick a unit, went over prices, took me around to look at them, and just made everything so easy! I didn't even have to pay for the lock. The staff makes this place 5 stars.

Donna Shults

2 years ago
I arrived at Bargain Storage on a Sunday, which day the office is closed. I needed a bigger unit that day because I had a rental truck I had to empty by 12:30 pm that afternoon. John realized the importance of my need of a bigger unit. John went above and beyond the call of duty for me that day. I was able to get the rental truck back by the dead line time. John opened the office for me to do the paperwork and up grade the unit I already had to a bigger unit. I so appreciated what John did for me that day. He showed great customer service that day. I will recommend Bargain Storage to any one who needs a good storage facility. Thank you John!

Mike Hamilton

2 years ago
This Place is great. John helped me out from the beginning. He has been there every time I drive up. He even remembered I had a daughter that liked suckers 4 weeks after we came in to get the unit. I feel like my belongings are safe knowing that someone so attentive to details is on the property at all times. I am extremely pleased with my experience here and would recommend it to my friends and family.

Diane Johnson

1 year ago
Good service - courteous, knowledgeable, helpful. Clean, well run.

Sara Albertson

2 years ago
I have already recommended John and the service he provides at Surprise Bargain Storage to a handful of my friends and clients. He quickly returned my phone calls and attended to getting me into a unit within the same day. I was impressed and enjoyed meeting him. I feel good knowing that all the things I hold dear to me are being stored where the Manager tends to the facility and keeps it nice, clean, and safe. John has such a great personality, he makes you feel as if he is an old friend. I am also impressed with the pricing options and find myself very fortunate to have come across such a great storage facility!

David Boucher

11 months ago
John does a fantastic job managing the Surprise location. He is always extremely polite and respectful to his customers. I would recommend this facility for your storage needs!

Sandra Pietrzykowsky

11 months ago
I was looking for storage in Surprise after meeting John decided to go with Storage Solutions over a few others. It was the best choice I made. I recommend this facility to anybody. Five Star service and beyond. Thanks .

Greg Jaurigue

10 months ago
John does a great job!! Goes way above and way beyond to make sure we are tooken care of. Whenever I go there he's always nice, always Very helpful! I very confident in recommending people to him. He's never let us down and I'll assure you, he'll never let you down. Thank you John..

stacey adcox

2 months ago
We have been customers for almost e years we live further away from surprise area but stayed there because of JOHN he gives us a piece of mind knowing our stuff is truly safe. John is very professional keeps the place looking spectacular. I have never seen a storage place so near and today til doing business with john. He is very friendly always asks how were doing when we call to pay. Sadly we found a place to live that will fit our stuff u need a place to store your stuff go see john he is the best. Thank u John for your #1 services.

Brandie Hansen

3 months ago
Very nice, explained everything clearly and made sure I got exactly what I needed! Would recommend to everyone!!

Tyler Davis

4 months ago
Very informative and good customer service. Much better prices than their competition as well.

taxtad taxtad

11 months ago
Pretty out of the way but easy enough to find. Prices comparable to any other storage facility. They just changed owners and now you have to buy "insurance" on your unit even though the contract states they are NOT responsible for damage or loss of any of your belongs. That's illegal, as far as I know. If I'm paying you to insure my unit, which includes what's in the unit, that includes that YOU ARE responsible for any loss or any damage of ANYTHING in my unit. Just another way to steal more of your money. On the other hand, John, the man who looks after the facility, is a super great person and is especially great for customer relations. Definitely under appreciated by new management.

Glory Valles

1 month ago
Price is Right, BUT the on-site manager is rude and nasty.

Patrick Lane

1 year ago
I'm not one for writing reviews however I've had enough of the non sense. If you care for your belongings then simply READ my short story. I'll ad photos promise. There are 2 sides to every story but unlike most I tell it from both sides regardless whether I am right or in the wrong. I had begun to write a very detailed review but Ill keep it simple. John is by far a professional, I too thought he was a nice person but lets just say after I got my storage unit back a few days ago I can say he is a very spiteful person. I had cobwebs all over my unit that when I opened it I had male and female black widows over everything. I can't even go into my unit at the moment and all I know is whomever is next to my unit, well it's guaranteed you have them as well given the units are not sealed tight. The new female employee was driving by and I had stopped her and asked how often they sprayed units. She replied twice a month, I said if that's so then why is my unit smothered in black widows and how is that the exterminator just so happens to miss the unit covered by cobwebs? I've seen the exterminator do his job a couple of times and he doesn't get out and walk around while spraying each unit from top to bottom. No no no, this guy is that lazy that he is in a damn golf cart at cruising speed just spraying the bottom as he cruises by. Question is why did my unit have so many spider webs that the exterminator hadn't notice in a period of over 5 months. That's because John more than likely let the pest control person know not to spray my unit. Apart from that i was promised entry after hours but that was a garbage lie to get a unit on his list filled. And he likes to talk to customers about other customers business. See I know a couple of people whom rent there but John doesn't know that I know them. They told me one day how he was running his mouth in a very unprofessional manner and when I asked him politely to not do so again just after finding the black widows. This einstein says that he is evicting me, I said for what? He ran into his office and I haven't been back since. All I know is that I have to hire a professional exterminator and then file a small claims case for loss time, damage to property if any exist, and the charges for the exterminator to be called out. Rent from here if you wish to it's your money and your things. However if I had known then what I know now I would have gone anywhere else. Your stuff your choice.
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