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Central Self Storage

5142 North 43rd Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85301

Office Hours Now Closed
  • MON - FRI10am - 6pm
  • SAT8am - 4pm
  • SUN10am - 2pm

Storage Customer Reviews

steve northern

2 years ago
Great service

PJ Merris

6 years ago
This particular location is under new management and my customer service representative was Jose. He was fantastic. Although he is new to the job and still in training, I never would have known. My situation was of an urgent and somewhat complicated nature. Start to finish, I only had a very short window of opportunity in which to process my paperwork, fax over proof of insurance, sign off on agreements, rent a moving truck, select a storage unit, get things loaded, transported and unloaded etc. I had less than 3 hours start to finish. I reserved online and when I walked in I was the only one in the office. Jose was by himself. About 15 minutes into my transaction however, another customer came in to pay their rent. They quickly became disgruntled after learning that I too was a paying customer and they would have to wait their turn. Their ongoing displays of extreme impatience did nothing but add stress to the situation. However, in spite of this customers continued annoyance, rather than get flustered, Jose really saved the day. He not only treated us BOTH with dignity at all times, he kept his composure and professionalism all along the way. So imagine my surprise at learning that he was NEW to the job! I will definitely tell a friend about this facility.

Tricia Notagiacomo

1 year ago
Great prices

Maria Martinez

3 years ago
Staff is very nice and always helpful. Units always clean. Love this place. Would highly recommend them.

Terri Manumaleuga

11 months ago
Friendly and helpful

ryan walt

10 months ago
After hours kiosk is helpful but layout is a bit of a disappointment. Nice management though and clean.

Eric Parker

10 months ago
They have large storage units, the friendliest staff and reasonable prices.


8 months ago
Eric was very helpful.

Joseph Sanders

1 month ago
Ashley was such a great help walked me through the whole process I will use her again

Jim O'Boyle

3 months ago
Thankyou Donation locker is very helpful

Valentina Delgadillo

8 months ago
Need more bathrooms

Jeff Creek

1 year ago
Lights did not work in upstairs halway, like a haunted house.

Jon Smithy

4 months ago
Take note...this facility is climate controlled NOT an indoor air conditioned facility. Also, the SWAMP COOLERS do not cool the units; sometimes they don't even work at all. I needed to store some guitars and electronics at the start of an Arizona summer so I had to store them elsewhere for fear of the heat. Three times in the last 3 months I have found that the elevator was out of order leaving me to trudge up and down the stairs and all the way down the long hall....because the cart was on the elevator (all 3 times), which was stuck between floors. The prices here are very good for the size of the units. The staff I've found to be very very nice and approachable. I like the security of the gates and s couple of times, I have been given a few minutes past closing time to get out of the gate. It's very hard to get anyone on the phone from the office, but the 1 800 phone line has an extremely helpful and friendly staff.

Jesus Atkinson

1 year ago
Was broken into around August 2016.

Genuine Love

6 years ago
I would like to echo and reinforce Gloria Ramirez' comments below me. I have been a customer at this location for nearly ten years, renting one of their largest units--meaning that they have received nearly $15 thousand dollars of my business. I have never, ever had a problem with this location until the last six months, when the new management team, specifically Jose (or his name might be Angel), took over. Since that time, I have had endless, endless issues--with the office being closed when it shouldn't be (which has resulted in some late fees I shouldn't have had), with his absolutely rude, unpleasant and unprofessional behavior, with his changes in policy, and just his general incompetence. I have spoken to his district manager on multiple occasions, but it shouldn't have to come to that, for a ten year customer or for ANY customer--especially since I have never had an issue before. Today I got there to pay my bill at 1:55pm; the posted hours for Sunday state that it's open til 2pm. But it was all closed and locked up, and I was only able to get in and make my payment because he saw me and let me in. He put his DM on the phone and I told him the situation, and he said he'd speak to him, but I'm not convinced that's going that is going to effect any change. But I will be pursuing this matter as far as I can, and I intend to not be their customer for much longer. I would absolutely, positively discourage ANYONE from using this location.

Kristian Newton

1 year ago
No easy access to units. Expensive for the sizes.

john schneider

6 months ago
Ok place

Michael P

2 years ago
they cant be contacted. the phone number listed does not go to their office.

clemente diaz

8 months ago
hola a todos quiero comparti con ustedes una experiencia mala experiencia en este storage el dia 22/3 2018 compre 3 unidades en subasta la cosa es que la manegadora de este lugar me dio un dia mas para recoger las cosas yo yege y no estaba salio a comer no me podia esperar a que regresara y al dia sigiente que regrese esto fue lunes cual fue mi sorpresa que la senora theresa manager ya habia sacado lkas cosas de la unidad o sea se las robo y tambien se robaron mi deposito les comento esto para que no les pase lo mismo y el manager regional nunca da la cara siempre manda mensajes con sus trabajadores bueno ME ROBARON MIS COSAS QUE ME COSTARON 600 DLLS Y MI DEPOSITO SON UNOS VERDADEROS RATAS GRACIAS

Rachael Banda

6 months ago
DO NOT RENT HERE!!!!! If I could post a negative star, they would get negative 100!!! I had my things stored at the 43rd Ave just North of Camelback facility from April 2014 to Feb 2018. I purchased renters insurance even though it was a climate controlled unit I rented. I was assured I would be covered at 100% of my limits IF I was to file a claim. I moved my things in. When I came to move my items out to move back to NM I found termites INFESTED in my unit and all over my things!!! I had antique items and brand new furniture I had purchased a year before I moved in this infested storage place. After SEVERAL DIFFERENT MANAGERS, I was pretty much reimbursed $400.00 after my $100.00 ded. My items were worth $2000.00 but I was told I was NOT going to be reimbursed for vermin as they only cover up to $500.00. After pleading my case as climate controlled facilities SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY VERMIN, I was told not their problem. Scott the Director of CSS stated his hands were tied. Well I will be posting my story every week to make sure no one else gets screwed! Tenant E340

punisher hoodigan

5 months ago
Something to think about, they don't take negative feedback on there site, only positive I write for alot of different business, now with that said, the price is definitely cheaper than most and csr was very nice and gave me alot of information The only complaint I have is, they don't tell you the full price up front. The starting price they show on their website and other adds are 39.99 Central self storage is right about that, but what they don't tell you is, it's mandatory that you take their storage insurance, it's extra 10 a month. Just so everyone knows because I don't want anyone else to waste their time Starting price is 39.99 plus 10 mandatory plus tax Next time central self storage be honest and up front with your customer
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Angelina D.

2 years ago
Manger Amy is awesome. She is very helpful and takes time to help . I recommend this place to everyone. Very clean very professional

Andrew S.

4 years ago
I love and always use Central Self Storage. This location was excellent and really helped us with our move. The manager is extremely friendly and she did...

Sharee H.

2 years ago
The staff are so darn helpful! Not sure how but somehow my lock was removed from the unit and someone else's was in its place and when I stopped there to...

Stacy C.

3 years ago
If I could give a zero star I would. Central storage does not pro rate when you rent one of their storage unit. They do not let you know that they do not do...
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Storage Facility Amenities6 Amenities

  • 24 Hour Cameras
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Drive-up Access
  • Online Bill Pay
  • RV, Car, Boat
  • Truck Rental