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iStorage Mobile Magnolia

902 Magnolia Rd, Mobile, AL, 36606

Storage Customer Reviews

Southern fire 53

1 year ago
Have used them for years, they have cool and reg storage

Jacqueline Molette

11 months ago
Very friendly and helful

Whitney Carlton

7 months ago
They are way more convenient then any other storage place i have been to


1 year ago
I just rented a storage unit at this location,and was very impressed! The unit was very clean. The customer service was outta this world, very polite and helpful. The lady that helped me was Nikki! I would definitely recommend this facility.

Marie Millerden

3 months ago
Very Great Price... Awesome Customer Service... Clean and Neat storage Very Spacious Will Do Service With Them Again

Big Dawg

1 year ago
staff is very helpful

Sam I

1 year ago
Friendly and courteous staff. Always welcomed with a smile. Highly tecommended

April Stanley

1 year ago
I rented there for 2 months based on a special, which the facility to go back on during the second month. Due to a financial hardship I vacated the unit on the 5th day of the third month to be told that I was responsible for an entire month despite moving out on the 5th, (something no other facility does as they prorate up to a specific day when you move out), then on top of it discovered water damage to several items in my unit that were a result of gaps between the wall and ceiling (the site manager's words, not mine). Now, after having filed a claim for my damaged property, something done at the first part of the month I received an email on 12/26/15 advising me my claim was denied due to "rent owed". I suggested deducting anything owed from the claim for my property and was bluntly told by corporate that there was nothing they could do. Keep in ,mind that I entrusted my property to this facility and was FORCED to pay for protection that I never requested, then when I need to utilize it I'm denied that because I refuse to be overcharged on a substandard unit that allowed damage to my items. If they will do this to me who else will they do this to?

Rachael Burden

2 years ago
They suck! I was charged extra for insurance to protect my furniture and they day I decided to move everything out I found that rats destroyed everything including my new furniture. Mostly everything i had in storage was brand new still in original packaging. I did an insurance claim and i have still not heard from anyone. I've been calling and they have only given me the run around. Its has been almost a year now. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone! Also they didnt deserve that one star I give this place

Adam Behr

1 year ago
This has been the worst experience. Every time I have tried to access my unit I have had problems. First time they had not removed their lock so I could not open the unit and their is no one to contact after hours. Next day I went during business hours and they removed the lock but it still had someone else's junk in it. So then they gave me a different unit. They told me they would give me half off my next month's rent for my trouble, but when the rent was due they took the full amount anyway. I'm not the type to complain (or write these reviews) so I let it go. The next time I went to the unit they have placed one of their locks on it. Again after hours and no one can be contacted. They better have a good reason for taking my money and still putting a lock on my unit. I am very disappointed and frustrated. I hope this review keeps others from having the same problem.

Lacey Maloy

1 year ago
I have an storage here an it's not going good, I been payed my bill even a late fee and they still have the lock in there. I have been bye 3 times and it was still in after I payed my bill. I think they need to have an after hours person in duty because I really needed to get into my storage and wasn't able to. The lady said she would move the lock and when I went back ti get something it was still there, that really annoyed and frustrated me with fury.!!!
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Susie C.

2 years ago
Fair warning! Do not rent storage space from this company! Having just moved to Mobile, Al, we needed a number of storage units until we purchased a new...