Why 2017 Is the Year to Advertise Your Storage Facility on Twitter

Krista Diamond | May 11, 2017 @ 12:01 PM

When Twitter launched in 2006, its 140-characters-or-less form of communication was groundbreaking. Since then, the social media platform has changed for better and in recent years, for worse. In 2016, numerous sources claimed that Twitter was failing and would soon go the way of Vine. Share prices were declining, active users were leaving and changes weren’t being implemented correctly. In other words, if your self storage business didn’t focus on advertising through Twitter last year, you weren’t alone.

But don’t count Twitter out just yet. This year, Twitter’s active users are back up—the user base grew by 14% already in the first three months of 2017. Twitter’s live streaming has been more successful and the company is considering charging so-called “power users” $19.99 for advanced analytics. While Facebook continues to grow and successfully evolve, it’s also becoming an increasingly over-saturated space for advertisers. By sharp contrast, Twitter is still a space that isn’t dominated by ads. Even better, Twitter is primed for a comeback this year. Here’s how your self storage business can benefit by better incorporating Twitter into your social media strategy in 2017.

Driving Traffic and Gaining Followers

Okay, so you’ve been focusing so much on Facebook marketing that you’re not even sure how it works on Twitter.

Twitter allows you to target people who might need self storage so that you can make them aware of your facility. You can target certain demographics, such as students at a university that your storage facility is located near.

The objective of Twitter marketing is twofold: First, you want to drive web traffic to your storage facility's website. Second, you want to gain followers on social media who you will then be able to target with tweets that appeal to their needs and interests.

Finding Your Voice

When establishing or revamping your self storage facility’s presence on Twitter, you must first establish your voice. This requires that you be clear about what your business does and also that you be clear about who your business is.

The “what” involves obviously establishing that you’re a storage facility in your bio and in your tweets, but it also means defining what makes your facility unique. Do you offer a lot of RV storage? Are you located somewhere convenient, like near a university or military base? Did you recently remodel or add something to your property?

The “who” is more nuanced. This is your advertorial voice. Take, for example, the now famous Wendy's Twitter account, which has produced a string of viral tweets thanks to an unexpectedly sarcastic and decidedly non-corporate tone. The acerbic wit of whoever is writing Wendy’s tweets isn’t an accident. It was the result of a social media strategist who chose that specific tone for the account. Consider yours before tweeting. Are you funny? Casual? Professional? Once you choose, be consistent with it.


If someone retweets you, like that retweet to acknowledge it. If someone tweets at you, respond. You might even want to consider messaging new followers to thank them and offer up a few sentences of information about your storage facility.

Engage in your local community on Twitter too. Be sure that your storage facility’s Twitter account follows relevant accounts along with local community leaders and influencers, like local newspapers, TV stations and any organization dedicated to small businesses.

Paid Advertising

Twitter ads are a little different than Facebook ads, so take the time to educate yourself on the details. To give you an idea of what to expect, here are two different ways that you can go about paying to promote your self storage business on Twitter:

Promoted Tweets: The simplest way to attract new tenants to your storage facility via Twitter is to occasionally promote your tweets. This is especially useful if you want to advertise a limited time special or event that you’re hosting. Click on the activity icon on the tweet you’d like to promote, set the location you’d like to target and choose your own budget. This only takes a moment (you can even do it on your phone!) and it has a major effect.

Twitter Ad Campaigns: To launch your first Twitter ad campaign, you’ll be asked to pick a goal for your storage facility. This will include things like gaining more Twitter followers or driving more traffic to your website. Let’s say your goal is to drive traffic to your website (which will in turn drive traffic to your facility). You can set up a Website Card, which is an image-based tweet that will show up in potential customer’s timelines. When they click on it, it’ll bring them to your website.

The IRL Aspect

While you’re working on your storage facility’s Twitter presence, don’t forget to look away from your screen and focus on how you can benefit from it in real life. Encourage tenants to follow you on Twitter with a sign in your office or in a card that you hand out with new leases.

You can run promotions related to Twitter, where you offer discounts to new tenants who follow your business on social media. You can even get creative and run a contest where your Twitter followers tweet you something like the funniest thing in their storage unit in order to be entered into a drawing. The prize for promotions and contests doesn’t always have to be a discount on a storage unit. It can be something like a gift card related to a popular business in your market (a pizza place for college students, for example).

Whatever you decide to do, whether it’s tweeting a few times a week, running advanced advertising campaigns or just promoting the occasional tweet, increasing your self storage facility’s Twitter presence this year is a solid move. As Twitter heads into the future, so will your business.

Krista Diamond

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