Security Breach: How Your Storage Facility Can Recover from Theft

Jon Fesmire | February 20, 2017 @ 10:14 AM

Theft can be devastating for anyone, from individuals with homes to business owners with property. If your storage facility is broken into, here are some tips on recovering.

Admit to What Happened

Be honest with the media and with your customers. If a thief broke in and took several of a tenant’s possessions, say so. People value honesty, and if they sense that you’re lying, they may lose trust in your business. If your facility made a mistake, admit it, and do something to make up for it, even if you don’t have to.

Focus on the Future

While it’s important to stay honest about a theft in your facility, it’s also important to focus on your company’s future. New and existing customers will want to know what you’re doing to ensure the safety of their belongings. So, reevaluate your facility’s security. Do your access system, cameras, or lights need an upgrade? Would it help to have security guards on the premises at night? Take a serious look at your security and upgrade where appropriate.

Check Your Insurance

A theft in a self storage facility can mean damage to your property as well as loss of items belonging to tenants. There’s also a chance that your office will suffer theft, rather than a tenant’s unit. You might already have great insurance coverage in place to recoup your loss, but now is still a good time to consider increasing or appropriately modifying coverage.

Encourage Your Tenants to Increase Coverage

Tenants don’t want to be pressured, but they also want to feel that their items are secure, or in the very least, that they are financially covered in the event of theft. Make sure they know that you have high-level security, but also that they should consider the value of their stored items when purchasing insurance.

Share Safe Storage Tips with Tenants

While you don’t want to imply that tenants are responsible for a break-in, make sure they know how best arrange their units to minimize losses. It’s not difficult to make sure one’s most valuable possessions are as safe as possible. This includes packing one’s most valuable items in the back of the unit, hidden behind and beneath everything else.

Focus on Community

If you don’t help out in the community already, consider how you can. You could become a drop-off point for various charities, host meet ups, or even provide free storage for a number of local charities. You could also start or join a neighborhood watch. These local groups keep an eye out for suspicious activity and help each other. A National Crime Prevention Council Neighborhood Watch sticker on your office window can let people know that they can come in and ask you to call the police or get other help if necessary. This also increases the likelihood that if someone breaks into your property, a neighbor will call the police for you.

Inform Your Community

If a theft takes place on your property, the local news may ask you for a statement. This is a great time to not only acknowledge what happened, but also to let the public know what plans you have to improve. We’ve already given you some great ideas, so you should have no trouble answering this. Let them know you will reevaluate and improve your security, in the very least.

By following the above suggestions, you’ll help rebuild your facility’s reputation and protect it better against future break-ins. While it may seem like it will take a long time before your customers can trust your business again, if you take the right steps, they will.
Jon Fesmire

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