How To Turn Over Vacant Storage Units Faster

Jon Fesmire | January 5, 2018 @ 9:39 AM

One of the goals of any self storage facility is to fill as many units as possible, thereby maximizing revenue. It can be a challenge, but we have some strategies to try to help you keep those units full.

Cast a Wide Net

It is important to know your target demographic and to advertise to them. The thing is, all sorts of people need self storage.

Don’t advertise in just one place. Real estate websites are a good place to start your advertising. Both renters and those looking to buy a home may need a unit, either to help during the move, or because they just need the extra space. When looking for a place to buy or rent, they’ll see your advertisement for self storage.

Make sure you’re in self storage search engines. When someone is looking for a unit in your area, you want to make sure that your facility appears on the list.

Your advertisements should include some of your features. Perhaps you’d like to say that climate control is available, that you have a wide range of unit sizes, that you have top-of-the-line security, and that your facility is in a convenient location.

Your Website

You want your advertisement to be honest, and attractive enough to get people to visit your website. Every self storage business should have one. If you have multiple facilities, you need only one website, though it should include pertinent information about each of your locations. You may also want to include an attractive photograph of each facility.

Watch Your Yelp and Google Reviews

The best thing you can do to ensure great reviews of your facility is to practice outstanding customer service. Competitive, yet fair prices, friendliness, honesty, and so on go a long way toward creating a good relationship with your customers.

Do well, and you should mostly have good reviews. Sometimes you’ll have an honest, bad review or a spiteful and unfair review. Use professionalism when dealing with such negative reviews.

While customers will generally check your website after finding your listing, they will then check your reviews, and finally, call you or rent a unit via your website.

Know Your Market

Check the local self storage market regularly. What sort of deals are other facilities giving? No doubt, you know how much you should be charging, based on your location and services. Simply stay aware of any local fluctuations, which can help you decide when you need to offer discounts or make changes.

Here’s another bit of important information, and great news, about the self storage market. It’s been growing in the U.S. and globally, and continues to grow. Every year, more people need self storage, and they have more to put in storage.

As long as you stay competitive, you’ll be able to draw in tenants. In addition to providing fair prices, climate control, and great customer service, that means having a top-notch security system and an attractive facility. Gone are the days of self storage meaning a group of fenced-in, metal shacks at the outskirts of town. The market is huge, but customers have a selection to choose from. Make your facility the obvious choice.

Jon Fesmire

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