How to Grow Your Self Storage Career with LinkedIn

Jon Fesmire | Dec 29, 2017 @ 01:40 PM

Do you want to get grow your self storage career or break into the industry for the first time? If so, one of the most useful tools is the website LinkedIn. There, you can share knowledge with like-minded professionals and build a network of people in the industry. When used well, it’s a powerful platform that can help you advance your self storage career.

Your Account

If you don’t already have a LinkedIn account, go and create one. Fill out your information, which will include current and past jobs, education, skills, recommendations, accomplishments, and interests. Take some time on each section. Essentially, your LinkedIn profile will contain the sort of information that goes on a resume or CV.

You will also need to upload a professional-looking photograph of yourself. LinkedIn will allow you to make various adjustments to it before you save it.

Inviting Those You Know

Next, you can invite people you know to become contacts. A lot of people are already on LinkedIn, and the site can connect to various email providers, such as Gmail, to retrieve your email list. You can then look through it, select those you want to connect with, and deselect those you don’t, before submitting your invitations.

If you already work in the self storage industry, make sure to invite the people you work with, not only at your facility, but at related businesses.

Finding Self Storage Professionals

This part is easy. After you have invited people you know, including both those you have worked with in other industries, and those in self storage, go to the main LinkedIn page. In the search box, type in “self storage.” This will bring up a list of many people in the industry.

Browse the list, but take a light touch with your invitations. It’s best to invite people you’ve already had contact with outside of LinkedIn. Some of the places you may meet people in the industry include in Facebook groups or industry events, such as self storage conventions.

If you find someone influential you would like to meet, see if any of your LinkedIn friends have that person as a contact, and ask for an introduction.

Growing with LinkedIn Groups

Visit the LinkedIn Groups main page, and search for groups related to self storage. Read some of the posts. Often, people will have questions related to the topic at hand. If you have answers, share them. Once you’re used to what a group covers, you can start asking your own questions.

Over time, you’ll find new contacts this way. People using those groups will start to recognize you as someone active in the self storage industry, and you’ll grow your reach in the community.

Learn About Companies

Are you applying to new self storage industry jobs? It pays to understand each company, and its corporate culture. LinkedIn can help.

When you find a job that you like, research the company. Go to their website to read about their facilities, read their mission statement, and so on. Find people at your job level on LinkedIn and send them a message asking if they can tell you more about the business.

Write an Article

You can also share your self storage knowledge outside groups. Similar to creating a Facebook post, LinkedIn has a “Write an Article” feature, which you’ll find at the top of the homepage, once you’ve signed in. Clicking on this link takes you to an editor.

Did you just come up with a helpful solution to a self storage quandary? You can share your new expertise in an article. Your followers, and others, will be able to read it, and this will help mark you as bright and helpful. Write enough articles, and in time you may become a thought leader in the industry.

Update Your Email Signature

You surely have a work email address, so in your signature, include your LinkedIn address. This will encourage business associates to look you up, and possibly to request adding you to their contact lists.

These tips and ideas will give you a great start in growing your LinkedIn connections and making a name for yourself in the self storage industry. Over time, you’ll learn more and come up with your own ideas! So sign up, and start connecting.