Freshen Up Your Facility

Jon Fesmire | Mar 01, 2017 @ 02:17 PM

Nothing says “Welcome in!” like cleanliness. You can have the warmest logo and the most comforting colors in your office and facility, but if it’s marred with smudges or junk, customers will wonder about your standards. A clean facility shows professionalism and engenders trust.

When a place is clean, it also raises the morale of employees and makes work more pleasant, thus improving performance.

Spring is always a great time to spruce things up, and it’s the time of year when we often feel the most inspired to clean up and air out our environment. However, it doesn’t have to be the only time you do this. A clean facility will help your business all year long.

To keep your facility not only clean, but running smoothly, all year round, it pays to have a maintenance routine in place. Checklists can be a big help. You may have one that covers each area. For example, keep a checklist of each major area that needs to be cleaned, stocked, or checked daily, like the restrooms, the golf cart, the outdoors areas, and the office. Different employees may have different duties. For example, the facility manager may do the lock and door check, while another employee makes sure that the office is stocked with tape, boxes, and packing material.

For each section, have a checklist. The restroom might include making sure there’s sufficient toilet paper on the roll, that the floor is mopped, and that the sink and toilet are clean. A grounds check should include making sure that access keypads are clean, working, and easy to use, that video cameras are in order, that hand trucks are where they belong, and more.

Basically, the facility manager should know everything that needs to be done. To make sure everything is covered and nothing forgotten, create the checklists. You can handle these a couple of different ways. You might have each list laminated, and have the employees use dry erase markers to check off what has been done each day. You might print a month’s worth of checklists at a time to be completed and turned in when finished.

We recommend a paper-saving, mobile-technology solution like eTrackerstorEDGESelf Storage ManagerEasy Storage SolutionsSiteLinkStorTrak, or Storage Commander. These allow you to record your work activities on a smartphone or tablet and immediately make that information available to those you work with. Many even allow you to take photographs.

Never forget the importance of curb appeal. This is an important term in both residential and commercial real estate for good reason. The better your home or place of business looks, the more welcoming it becomes. Make sure that the wall around your facility is clean. You may want to have plants along the wall, or a flower garden outside the office. Make sure your signs are clean and all neon lights are in working order. Go to the front of your facility and look over it as a customer might. Does it seem warm and welcoming? Look around the grounds inside and ask yourself the same question. Get your co-worker’s opinions, and make a plan if your curb appeal needs improvement.