6 Ways Your Storage Facility Can Be Charitable

Jon Fesmire | October 4, 2017 @ 11:14 AM

When researching ways for self storage facilities to be charitable year-round, one word kept coming up.

Drive. As in food drive, toy drive, and book drive. Most of the suggestions on this list fall into that category, along with some helpful details. So, think about which of these would work for your facility. Doing any of these will show that your business is a good corporate citizen and that you want to help your local community. These ideas allow you to do something great for others, which is rewarding in itself. They also reflect well on you and can bring goodwill to your facility and increase business.

Blood Drive

Does your storage facility have a large parking lot? If so, you can contact the Red Cross about hosting a blood drive.

Your part will be to host the blood drive at your location, help advertise the drive, recruit donors, and potentially even schedule donor appointments. Chances are many of your tenants who are eligible to give blood will want to. Other businesses in your area may be happy to share fliers about the drive, too.

Too often, medical facilities don’t have enough blood, or get low on certain types of blood. You and your community can help change that.

Clothing Drive

Sadly, too many people in the U.S. live in poverty and struggle to afford basic items like clothing. Your storage facility can host a clothing drive to help charities who support the impoverished members of your community.

For this, and the three suggestions to follow, we suggest teaming up with a nonprofit that helps the poor.

Find out what sort of clothing the organization accepts, set up a collection bin, and advertise the drive on social media and through fliers. Make it front and center on your facility’s website leading up to and during the event. Also, find out how often the company will pick up the donations, or if you will need to drive them to their place of business.

Food Drive

This will work almost exactly like a clothing drive. Mostly, you will be collecting canned goods, but ask the nonprofit organization you have chosen to work with what they accept.

Toy Drive

Perhaps the most well-known toy drive organization to work with is Toys for Tots. Contact them, or find a local organization that collects toys and distributes them to children living in poverty. This sort of drive makes a big difference in the lives of children as well as their parents.

The organization you work with will let you know what they need from you. Giving is generally done leading up to the winter holidays, but here’s another idea: If you live in a coastal area, consider doing a drive for beach toys leading up to summer. You can also come up with other ideas depending on your area. If you can’t find an organization to work with, consider collecting and distributing the toys yourself. It will be extra work, but will make your facility look great.

Just remember safety when collecting toys. Don’t take or distribute items have been recalled.

Book Drive

Book drives are wonderful to promote literacy. Again, we suggest finding a local organization that distributes books. That may be one that also distributes food and clothing to the poor. It may also be a unique organization, or your local library system.

You’ll set out boxes or bins to collect books, and people can donate new or gently used books appropriate for whatever age range the drive covers.

It’s also kind to donate to our active-duty military members. Often, when they’re away in other countries, they don’t have many books to read. Consider collecting books and sending them to Operation Paperback.

Charity Storage

Looking for a charitable organization that's perfect for self storage? Check out Charity Storage. This 501(c)(3) organization uses self storage auctions to give back to the community. As a self storage operator, you can work with Charity Storage to designate several of your empty units as storage for household and other items that tenants and the public can drop off. Once these charity storage units are full, they go to auction and the money from the sale then goes to a variety of charities.

Match Contributions

Perhaps your facility already gives money to local charities. Homeless shelters, food banks, and the like can all use money as well as goods to keep running, and that money goes back into the community.

Why not use that money to match donations? Essentially, you can encourage your tenants and others to donate, and donate the amount you planned.

Advertise that you will match donations to a local charity. For each dollar someone else donates, you will donate a dollar. They can even donate directly to the charity. All they need to do is show you proof, such as a signed receipt from that charity, that proves they donated. Make a photocopy of it but let them keep the original, which they can use on their tax forms.

People are generous at heart, and when they know their contributions will be doubled, they’re often more willing to help. Let’s say you planned to donate $10,000 to your local homeless shelter this year. Chances are, you can get your tenants and others to do so as well, effectively doubling that to $20,000.

No matter the time of year, there’s something you can do to help your community. Charity work is its own reward, so go out there and help your neighbors.
Jon Fesmire

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