6 Marketing Tips for Small Self Storage Businesses

Jon Fesmire | December 4, 2017 @ 8:58 AM

Marketing is a tricky business. What worked in decades past doesn’t work quite as well today. Today, you need to build relationships and reputation.

Let’s explore some marketing strategies that will go a long way toward getting people to appreciate your business before they even set foot in your office.

Use Your Favorite Social Media Platform

Two of the best social media platforms to promote your brand are Facebook and Twitter. Using each takes work, but here are a few tips.

For Facebook, create a page for your self storage facility. Post updates about deals, community activities, and more. If you have a blog on your website, share articles from it to your storage facility’s Facebook page. For Twitter, use a service like ManageFlitter or StatusBrew to add followers and unfollow tweeps (people on Twitter) who don’t follow you back after a few days. This will help grow your platform there.

Run KingSumo Giveaways

Do you use WordPress for website? If so, there’s an excellent addon you can use to grow your email list, and grow awareness of your facility. It’s called KingSumo. Once you purchase the software, you can use it indefinitely.

Once you have it installed on your WordPress site, it will be linked to your MailChimp or other compatible email list. Within the app, you create a page announcing a giveaway, say one or two months of free storage. You can include several images as well as hashtags. On your mailing list, on fliers in your office, and on social media, you announce your giveaway. People sign up for it, which puts them on your mailing list as well. Once the giveaway period ends, the app allows you to randomly select a winner. You can run as many giveaways as you want, as often as you want.

There are similar giveaway addons, but we recommend this one for price and usability.

Maintain an Email Newsletter

One of the best tools for today’s marketing is an email newsletter, also simply known as a mailing list. It costs little to have one, just a monthly fee to whatever mailing list service you use, and it allows you to contact your customers and potential customers directly. People must opt in to a mailing list, so it’s a list of people who have given you permission to email them.

Build your list by signing new tenants up for it (with their permission), running giveaways that automatically sign people up for it, and by having a signup form on your company homepage and underneath each blog post. Use it to announce giveaways, sales, and to share important facility news. Did you just add ten new climate controlled units, or are you hosting a local boy scout get together on your lot? That’s the sort of thing to share via a newsletter email.

Build Relationships

In the U.S., we often like to think of our accomplishments as our own, but we rely on the work of others to provide the framework for our success. With this in mind, think about what businesses you could work with for mutual benefit. These might include companies in moving, truck rental, and recycling. For example, you could offer discounts to the employees of these companies, and for the companies themselves. In turn, they may offer discounts to you and your customers, giving people extra incentive to work with you.

Help Your Community

People appreciate companies that remember the people in their communities, and give back. We call this good corporate citizenship, and there are many ways to engage in it. You can help children, adults, and homeless people, host large recycling bins at your facility, provide warm clothing during the winter, and much more.

Make the Wait Enjoyable

Waiting anywhere--at the DMV, at the post office, and yes, at a self storage facility--can be awful. Sometimes, new customers will come in, and you’ll be able to help them immediately. At other times, you’ll have a line of people to help.

You can ease the stress of the wait by having treats and seats available. Try a plate of cookies and fresh coffee, or have a bowl of fun-sized chocolate bars. Consider putting the day’s newspaper out so that waiting customers have something to read. And whatever you do, acknowledge people as they come in and let them know you will get to them shortly.

Combining these techniques, you can ensure that your facility has a good reputation in your community, and bring in extra business. Just keep in mind that these are long-game strategies, meant to grow your business steadily. Use them correctly, and they’ll do just that.

Jon Fesmire

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