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Self Storage Facility Now Green with Power

By Mia Iverson




A Delaware self storage facility is going green…way green.

On July 7, 2010, Secure Self Storage stopped using its local utility company for its electric needs. In fact, with the new solar panels in place, the facility produces more energy than they need. What do they do with that extra energy? They sold it back to the local utility company.

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It gets even better. In New York, they plan to invest in wind turbines in their New York region near Coney Island and are in the talks of investing in green roofs. The vegetation on roofs insulates the facility during the winter and prolongs the life of the roof. Furthermore, it helps prevent run-offs, which is quite detrimental on the east coast.

What do you think about this storage facility going green? Do you think it’s a step towards the future? Share your thoughts below!

B says:
Sep 3, 9:01 am

Very interesting article Mia! Let's hope that facilities in Kansas can do the same!

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