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Less Space, More Hybridization

By Nickolay Lamm




The hybrid would most likely have predominantly white skin and may even have a small tusk. The hybrid shown above has a little bit of Narwhal coloring.


The hybrid's fur has more spots than the harbor seals, but is darker. Its body shape is similar to the Ringed Seal.

The hybrid looks like a Polar Bear cub but with some Grizzly colored fur.

The hybrid has splotches of brown and a more blunt snout. The ears are also smaller than a brown bear.

The hybrid is mostly white, with some of the Hooded Seal Pup's coloration.

"When they cross-breed, their babies are southern-sized with mottled grey-white belly fur." - Mother Nature Network

The hybrid is darker and its hypothetical size is somewhere in between the Harbour and Dall's porpoise.
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